May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Sometimes Seeing is Believing

July 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 4

During May’s AAPD Annual Session in San Diego, a small group of us had the privilege of seeing the San Diego Children’s Dental Clinic, a division of San Ysidro Health Center. The clinic, a 2012 HSHC Access to Care Grant recipient, is the only pediatric dental clinic in San Diego County aiding medically fragile children. It serves children with a variety of serious health issues including cancer, sickle cell anemia, Down syndrome, and other physical and mental disabilities.
While our $20,000 Access to Care Grant is a small measure of support, it was amazing to see firsthand the great work being done by clinic director Sergio Cuevas, DDS, and his team. They have great plans on the horizon, including a $1.5 million dollar expansion in the coming year. So we are honored to help.
The San Diego Children’s Clinic is just one of 10 Access to Care grantees for 2012-2013 (see related story on page 37). Including our new grants, this brings the number of awarded Access to Care Grants to 20 during the first three years of the initiative.
In 2013-2014 we’re looking to double that number when we’ll aim to release up to 20 Access to Care Grants in a single year. You’ll be seeing more about our efforts during the coming year on the pages of PDT, on our Facebook page and at

Want to see for yourself?

If you’d like to see what the Foundation is doing up close, the 66th Annual Session in Orlando will give you a great opportunity to get involved. We’ll be holding our first HSHC Dental Home Day, providing interested Academy members with an opportunity to give back to our host community by providing dental care to underserved children in Orlando.
At press time, we’re still working out the logistics, but we plan to work with a local nonprofit health clinic to provide care for at least 100 children. Depending on the selection of the nonprofit community partner, the Dental Home Day will be either May 22 or May 23, 2013.

Want to get involved?

The Foundation is recruiting Academy member volunteers to help provide treatment, triage, oral health instruction, traffic control and other activities during the full day event. You can register at by filling out the online form and answering a couple of questions.
We welcome all interested members to sign up and we’ll follow up with details as they become available.

Want to know more?

Contact Development Director Paul Amundsen, CFRE, if you have any questions or need additional information. He’s reachable at or at (800) 544-2174. As always, thank you for your ongoing support of HSHC. I look forward to working with you during the 2013 HSHC Dental Home Day in Orlando.
Outside the San Diego Children’s Health Clinic are HSHC
Grants & Programs Committee Chair Beverly Largent, D.M.D.;
past AAPD Board Parliamentarian Scott Cashion, D.D.S.;
AAPD Past President Rhea Haugseth, D.M.D.; AAPD
President-Elect Warren Brill, D.M.D.; HSHC President David
Curtis, D.M.D.; clinic Vice President of Operations Terry
Whitaker; and clinic Dental Director Sergio Cuevas, D.D.S.
AAPD President-Elect Warren Brill, D.M.D.,
observes a procedure at San Diego Children’s
Health Clinic during a site visit of Academy and
HSHC leaders.