May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


CEO Report: Governance Actions at the Annual Session

July 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 4

Highlights of Actions Taken by the AAPD Board of Trustees

• To approve the appointment of Dr. Ana Lucia Seminario to the editorial board of Pediatric Dentistry.
• To approve the appointment of Dr. Marcio da Fonseca as associate editor.
• To support the travel of Advanced Leadership Institute participants to the Winter Planning Meeting in 2013.
• To support a meeting of the Governance Task Force in the fall of 2012.
• To approve the proposal to recruit a public policy advocate for each state and charge the Council (of Government Affairs) to move forward with identifying these individuals.
• To join the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance1 as partners.
• To write a letter of support for the recognition of Dental Anesthesia as a specialty, and to state in the letter of support that, having met the criteria set by the Council on Dental Education and Licensure, the AAPD supports the application of the American Society for Dental Anesthesiology.
• To become organizational members of the Hispanic Dental Association and the Society of American Indian Dentists.
• To send a representative from the Council on Clinical Affairs to the FDA training workshop (scheduled for July 16, 2012) on radiation safety in children.
• To approve the appointment of Drs. Robert Moreau and Craig Elice as co-chairs of the Local Arrangements Committee for 2014 Annual Session in Boston.
Summary of adjustments to the 2012-2013 budget approved by the Board of Trustees:
Expenses, original: $ 8,900,671
Adjustments (see detail): $ 53,000
Total expenses: $ 8,953,671
Income: $ 7,789,247
Balance: -$ 1,164,424

NOTE: The board believed this planned deficit will be significantly reduced via careful management of expenses and investment performance in the coming year. For the 2011-12 fiscal year, the actual final budget is expected to reflect a significant surplus, rather than a deficit as budgeted. This is part of the AAPD’s strategy of budgeting conservatively on revenue and aggressively on expenses, and not including any investment income in the planned budget.
Adjustments detail:

$ 5,000 Associate Editor stipend (5/22/12 Board motion 5)
$ 30,000 Advanced Leadership Institute (5/22/12 Board motion 6)
$ 10,000 Governance Task Force meeting (5/22/12 Board motion 7)
$ 1,500 ADA Code Advisory Committee meeting (5/22/12 Board motion 12)
$ 2,000 Inservice Examination Committee meeting (5/22/12 Board motion 14)
$ 3,500 Organizational memberships with Hispanic Dental Association, Society of American Indian Dentists (5/27/12 2011 Board motion 1)
$ 1,000 FDA Radiation Workshop (5/17/12 2012 Board motion 3)

Complete action minutes are available on the Members-Only section of the AAPD website at:
1 Founded as a not-for-profit organization, the U.S. National Oral Health Alliance provides a platform for a diverse network of stakeholders to forge common ground in order to harness
opportunities and create viable solutions for improved oral health through prevention and treatment for vulnerable populations across our country. Participants include the ADA and DentaQuest

Highlights of the General Assembly

New Officers Elec ted
Dr. Warren A. Brill
Dr. Edward H. Moody Jr.
Dr. Robert L. Delarosa
American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. William Greenhill
Academic trustee at-large
Dr. Catherine B. Flaitz

The following existing Definitions, Oral Health Policies, Clinical Guidelines, or Endorsements were reaffirmed/approved:
a) Definition of Dental Disability
b) Definition of Special Health Care Needs
c) Guideline on Management of Persons with Special Health Care Needs
d) Policy on Child Identification Programs
e) Policy on Mandatory School-entrance Oral Health Examinations
f) Policy on Emergency Oral Care for Infants, Children, and Adolescents
g) Policy on Dietary Recommendations for Infants, Children, and Adolescents
h) Policy on Vending Machines in Schools
i) Policy on Use of Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia in the Pediatric Dental Office
j) Guideline on Use of Anesthesia Personnel in the Administration of Office-based Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia
k) Guideline on Oral Health Care for the Pregnant Adolescent
l) Guideline on Role of Dental Prophylaxis in Pediatric Dentistry
m) Guideline on Record-keeping
n) Guideline on Prescribing Dental Radiographs
o) Policy on Management of Patients With Cleft Lip/ Palate and Other Craniofacial Anomalies
p) Guideline on Pediatric Restorative Dentistry
q) Guideline on Infant Oral Health Care
r) Policy on Early Childhood Caries (ECC): Classifications, Consequences, and Preventive Strategies
s) Guideline on Fluoride Therapy
t) Policy on Use of Fluoride
u) Policy on the Dental Home
v) Useful Pediatric Medications for Oral Conditions

The following new Definitions, Oral Health Policies, Clinical Guidelines, or Endorsements were approved:
a) Policy on Pediatric Pain Management
b) Policy on Third Party Fee Capping of Non-Covered Services

The AAPD Bylaws were amended (Chapter V, section 18, paragraph G) to adjust the Nomination Committee’s composition, based on a request from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry concerning their representative to the Nominations Committee.
A draft of complete 2012 General Assembly minutes is available on the Members-Only section of the AAPD website at:
Updated versions of the policies and guidelines listed above will be posted on the AAPD website in July and published in the Reference Manual this fall.