May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


PAC Corner

July 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 4

The AAPD PAC continues to grow in size and influence, and I thank all of our 2011 supporters who were listed in the May 2012 issue of PDT.
As you know, you can support the AAPD PAC via the voluntary PAC contribution "check-off " on your current 2012-13 dues statement. Your support is critical to our long-term success. Why not consider increasing your PAC contribution by perhaps 10 or 20 percent in this critical election year? Also, remember that if you want your dollars applied directly to candidate support, please make your PAC contribution via a personal credit card or check.
You received a specific appeal letter from your PAC Steering Committee district representative that highlighted how important your support of the AAPD PAC is to our advocacy efforts. I urge you to review this closely.
Your PAC Steering Committee made decisions at its March 2012 meeting as to which candidates the AAPD PAC will support in the 2012 Congressional elections. This information was provided in my annual written report to the membership, which is on the CD provided with Annual Session onsite materials and on the AAPD website section for Member Resources, under 2012 Annual Session Governance Materials. I’ll provide a more detailed update in the September 2012 PDT, but accompanying this column are some photos of pediatric dentists in action helping to deliver these PAC checks via fund-raising events or one-on-one "meet and greets." I thank all of those who are helping us deliver AAPD PAC checks during this busy campaign season.

(l-r) District III Trustee Dr. K. Jean Beauchamp and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-7th Tenn.). An AAPD PAC check was presented to Blackburn at a fund-raiser hosted by Beauchamp in April 2012. Blackburn sits on the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

(l-r)- Katima Withers, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-11th N.Y.), AAPD PAC Steering Committee District I representative Dr. Reneida Reyes, and Eloise Dawley. Congresswoman Clarke sits on the House Small Business Committee. Clarke visited the office of Reyes on May 14, 2012, where Reyes presented an AAPD PAC check. Withers and Dawley work on Dr. Reyes’ staff.
(l-r) Ohio Dental Association (ODA) Executive Director David Owsiany, U.S. Senate Candidate Josh Mandel (R), Dr. Paul S. Casamassimo (currently serving as ODA Vice President), and ODA Director of Legal and Legislative Services Keith Kerns on June 5, 2012. Casamassimo presented an AAPD PAC check to Mandel.

For further information about the AAPD PAC, please contact PAC Secretary C. Scott Litch at (312) 337-2169, ext. 29, or

Lewis A. Kay
PAC Steering Committee Chair