May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Constitution and Bylaws Amendment before the 2012 General Assembly

March 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 2

The following proposed change to the Constitution and Bylaws was prepared by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee at the request of the board of trustees. This will be reviewed at the AAPD Annual Session in San Diego during the Reference Committee hearings and the General Assembly.

Note to readers: All line numbers reference the current AAPD Constitution and Bylaws as printed in the 2012 Membership Directory.

Strikethrough words are to be removed; bold underlined words are to be added to the Bylaws.

This proposed amendment is based on a request from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, concerning their representative to the AAPD Nominations Committee:



849 Composition:

850 The Nominations Committee shall be composed of nine (9)

851 members: the two immediate Past Presidents of the Academy,

852 the immediate Past President a board member of the American Board of Pediat-

853 ric Dentistry as determined by the ABPD and one (1) member elected from each Trustee

854 District. Further details on committee member selection and committee procedures are provided in the Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual.