May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Coming Soon: An All-New!

May 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 3

newsiteThe current incarnation of has been in service since 2002. While it still serves as the primary source for children’s oral health information on the Internet, we decided it was time for an upgrade! AAPD staff and have been hard at work updating and redesigning the site with an all new look and feel and upgraded functionality. The new site should start appearing in your browser windows later this year. Here are some new features you can look forward to:
Enhanced Navigation – We’ve re-organized the AAPD website to group similar pages into fewer, clearer categories for easier navigation of the site.
Central Placement of Find a Pediatric Dentist – Consistently one of the most popular features of the AAPD site, the new design allows users to search for pediatric dentists directly from the homepage with no additional navigation.
Enhanced Search Functions – The new site search feature will pull results by category and will feature an improved index for better results.
Easy Sharing of AAPD News and Promotions – Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and e-mail sharing buttons will allow members to keep up to date more easily on news and promotional updates and share them with patients and colleagues.
Mobile Site for Smartphones – This special slimmed-down version of the site will allow smartphone users quick access to the most-used features of the site to reduce tedious scrolling in small-sized phone browsers. Access to the full site will also be available.
These are just a few of the features you can look forward to from the new site when it launches. Additional new features on the site will continue rolling out throughout the year, in addition to a special site designed specifically for patients and consumers.
For more information, please contact AAPD Magazine and Website Editor Tom McHenry at