May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Correct Coding Means Quicker Reimbursement!

November 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 6

As a member benefit, the AAPD offers Coding and Insurance Workshops to State and Regional Pediatric Societies upon request.

CDT 2013, effective Jan. 1, 2013, incorporates the most recent changes approved by the Code Advisory Committee. The new manual includes 35 new codes, 38 revised codes, 12 deleted codes and seven new or revised categories or subcategories of services. Many of these additions and revisions are very pertinent to pediatric dentists.

The coding workshop will cover all of the CDT-2013 additions, revisions and deletions that pertain to pediatric dentists and general dentists who see children. In addition, the course will offer advice for submitting efficient and clean claims, medical claims submissions, cross coding dental procedures to medical procedure and diagnosis codes, developing meaningful narratives, Medicaid policies on reimbursement issues and tips for appealing claim denials. State and Regional Societies will be responsible for the speakers airfare, ground transportation and hotel accommodations.

For further information on scheduling a Coding and Insurance Workshop, please contact AAPD Dental Benefits Manager Mary Essling at

337-2169 or