May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Sunstar Makes $225,000 Commitment to Annual Service Project Debuting in Orlando

November 2012 Volume XLVIII Number 6

HSHC Dental Home Day, debuting in May 2013 before the AAPD Annual Session, received a huge boost with Sunstar Americas agreeing to be the lead sponsor of the community service initiative for three years.

The $225,000 sponsorship, to be paid in annual $75,000 installments through Dental Home Day 2015, represents Sunstars largest single professional relations commitment in the companys history.

"We are pleased to be Dental Home Days lead sponsor for the next three years," said Sunstar Senior Director, Technology and New Product Development, Richard Demke, D.D.S. "The Foundations efforts to bring community service to the AAPD Annual Session host city is a perfect mix of our professional and consumer outreach. This is a great opportunity for everyone involved."

HSHC Dental Home Day, slated for Wednesday, May 20, in Orlando, seeks to treat at least 100 underserved children in partnership with a local clinic. The participating clinic requests for proposal were sent as this issue of PDT went to press will not only serve as the site for Dental Home Day, but the Foundation will provide the partner clinic with an $20,000 Access to Care Grant to help provide a dental home for participating Dental Home Day patients for the coming year.

"The dental home is critical to everything the Foundation supports," said HSHC President David Curtis, DMD. "We are grateful to Sunstar Americas for their generous support of dental homes for underserved children." Curtis also described the event as a great way for the Foundation to "bring our mission to our members."

Volunteer recruitment efforts for participating pediatric dentists began during the AAPD Annual Session in San Diego when 30 members registered as a volunteer.

"We encourage members to register at the Foundations website. Even if we don’t

have a spot for you this year, we know well be looking for volunteers in Boston [2014] and Seattle [2015]," Curtis said.

Sunstars Demke said the volunteer element of the program had special appeal to the professional relations team when considering their sponsorship options. "Volunteers are what makes efforts like this work and we wanted to make sure the Foundation had resources to plan this event so it can grow in future years," Demke said.

While Florida law requires treating professionals to be licensed in that state, there will be plenty of opportunities for volunteers, regardless of where theyre licensed. "Well be providing oral health instruction, triage and a full range of preventive to restorative services that will benefit from pediatric dentists’ expertise even if theyre not conducting the procedures," Curtis explained.

The Foundation also will be exploring options for inviting participation of other local nonprofits providing services to the homeless in the Orlando area.

AAPD members interested in volunteering should visit the Foundations volunteer sign up page by typing this link into their Web browser at http://www.healthysmileshealthychildren.cor/dentalhomeday.htm.

"We hope other oral care industry partners will join us in this effort," Demke said. "Academy leaders are making a concerted effort to make a difference in Annual Sessions host community that hopefully will last long after the meeting has ended."

Inquiries about sponsorship, volunteer opportunities, or any other details about HSHC Dental Home Day should be directed to Paul Amundsen, CFRE, at or by calling (800) 544-2174.