May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


Legislative and Regulatory Update

July 2013 Volume XLVIX Number 4

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FEDERAL NEWS Health Care Reform


More ACA Analysis on AAPD Website Two Power Point presentations on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and issues for children’s oral health given at the Annual Session in Orlando are now available to members on the AAPD Essential Health Benefits resource page. The first is from Dr. Paul Reggiardo, chair of the Council on Dental Benefit Programs, which he presented at the end of the insurance and coding workshop. This provides his perspective on a wide range of ACA issues impacting pediatric dental practices and recommendations for how to make sense of the insurance exchange offerings in your state. AAPD COO and General Counsel C. Scott Litchs presentation from the new dentist program summarizes the key regulatory parameters impacting what type of dental insurance parents/guardians will be able to purchase for their children under the new system.


Dont forget to register for the AAPDs The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Pediatric Dental Practice course this fall.



Washington State Public Policy Advocate (PPA) John Gibbons reports that pediatric dentists of the WSAPD help the Washington State Dental Association (WSDA) defeat mid-level provider legislation in the 2013 legislative session. During a Washington State House health committee hearing held in early February, Immediate-Past President of the WSAPD Dr. Christopher Herzog testified along with pediatric dentist Christoper Delecki.  Herzog has become a key WSDA spokesman whenever testimony is needed for mid-level   provider legislation.  You can access a video of  the testimony: http://www.wsda. org/headlines/2013/2/6/wsda-testifies-against-midlevel-providers.html?utm_ medium=email&utm_campaign=Midlevel%20Defeated%20Leg%20 Update&utm_content=Midlevel%20Defeated%20Leg%20Update+CID_6e9e 3758378c23afd53db78247a7a525&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20 software&utm_term=view%20the%20hearing%20here. There were three bills in the Washington state legislature regarding midlevel providers that did not make it out of their committees of origin: HB 1514, HB 1516 and SB 5433. They are effectively killed for 2013.