May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


The Impact of Increased Medicaid Dental Reimbursement in Connecticut

July 2013 Volume XLVIX Number 4

 In Connecticut, similar to many other states, children on Medicaid could not easily access dental health services. Few dentists participated in the program with many providers citing low reimbursement rates and cumbersome program administration. Based on a 2008 lawsuit settlement agreement, program administration improved and reimbursement rates increased, moving closer to private insurance rates In a project funded by the Connecticut Health Foundation, Drs Douglass, Beazoglou and Bailit from the University of Connecticut examined Medicaid data between 2006 and 2011. The goal was to determine the effect of the increased Medicaid reimbursement on access to care and provider participation.


The findings are very encouraging and show strong increased participation by private providers and a resulting increase in care for children on Medicaid.  Specifically:


The number of children continuously enrolled in Medicaid with at least one visit grew from 46 percent in 2006 to 69.5 percent in 2011.


In 2006 few private practitioners participated in Medicaid, while in 2011 approximately 50 percent of all active private general and pediatric practitioners were participating in the program.


The full report can be found at health/helping-children-get-access-to-dental-care.

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