May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Thinking Big, Going Big

July 2013 Volume XLVIX Number 4

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children supports community-based initiatives providing Dental Homes to children whose families cannot afford dental care. We hope that, some day, every child has a Dental Home.


Improbable? Perhaps. Impossible? No.


Thats why, since 2010, weve invested more than $700,000 of the funds youve entrusted to us in support of Access to Care efforts nationwide. To date, HSHC-funded initiatives have helped provide Dental Homes for more than 50,000 kids through 36 grants to community-based organizations, agencies and programs in 17 states. In May, HSHC earmarked another $400,000 to support up to 20 new single-year Access to Care Grants in 2014 that should reach another 50,000 children (see more on page 43).


This winter, we’ll be inviting selected agencies to apply for our first round of multi-year Access to Care Grants, which likely will provide five years of support to two qualified organizations. 2014 is shaping up to be our biggest single grant year ever.


But, most breathtaking to me, is the Foundation Boards decision to award by 2016 as much as $1 million a year in support of community-based initiatives providing Dental Homes to children whose families cannot afford dental care. Thats $1 million each year. HSHC has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1987 when our founders aspired to having $1 million in total assets. Today, thanks to your collective generosity, we have assets of $13 million, we receive $1 millionplus annually in contributed support, and were poised to do even more amazing things for underserved children.


One of those amazing things happened during Annual Session in Orlando when we held our first HSHC Dental Home Day, sponsored by Sunstar Americas, Inc. Forty AAPD members and affiliated volunteers helped provide care for 91 homeless children at Orange Blossom Family Health Center on the citys northwest side. Dental Home Day is different from other service projects because HSHC is funding the continued dental care of the 91 Dental Home Day patients for the coming year (see more on page 46).  Its all about Dental Homes. The simple but critical concept of Dental Home was crafted by Academy leaders years ago and has become the philanthropic cornerstone of HSHC. Its a philosophy that germinated and blossomed under the leadership of the most recent HSHC Past Presidents, Drs. Joel Berg, Paul Kennedy Jr., and David Curtis. If good things come in threes, Joel, Paul and David positioned the Foundation to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids. With Joel and Paul retiring from the HSHC board last month, I’m grateful that David is continuing as Immediate Past President. We thank all three for their immeasurable contributions to what HSHC has accomplished and HSHC can accomplish.


Please watch these pages, our Facebook page and http// for updates on our progress. Every child deserves a Dental Home. Please join us in this important effort.

Beverly A. Largent, D.M.D., is a private practitioner from Paducah, Ky.