May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Ad Council Campaign Updates

May 2013 Volume XLVIX Number 3

 Joyful Smiles Contest


The #JoyfulSmiles Twitter photo contest hosted by @ADAMouthHealthy ran from Dec. 14 Jan. 4, 2012, and awarded four winners with oral health packs and one grand prize winner with a Kindle Fire, accompanied with an oral health pack. Throughout promotion of the contest, messages were distributed by all participating partner organizations on Twitter and Facebook. The content was crafted to promote the contest while reaching a broad audience with the Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives campaign key oral health messaging.


An audience of nearly 390,000 Twitter followers was reached with more than 450 uses of the #JoyfulSmiles hashtag. As a result, 44

people participated in the contest by submitting photos on Twitter and Facebook.




Hashtag Usage: 457 uses of #JoyfulSmiles across Twitter and Facebook


Impressions: 389,897 reached on Twitter through the contest and promotions


Contest Submissions: 44 total; 31 via Twitter and 13 via Instagram



Silly Hilly Entertainment


Silly Hilly Entertainment is interested in contributing a two-minute video to the Childrens Oral Health campaign. They are very passionate about touching the lives of children through playful characters, stories and activities that not only entertain and engage, but also provide a benefit to kids. Next steps are to execute an agreement with Silly Hilly Entertainment and then post the video on the site.Childrens Oral Health AC PSAs


Respario Digital Advertising Group in Dallas, which provides content to the Pharmacy Health Network owned by Cardinal Health, is running Childrens Oral Health PSAs on TVs at Cardinals 900 pharmacy locations nationwide during the entire month of February! More about the network can be found at



Mat Press Release


A Mat release a pre-packaged newspaper story will be distributed in both English and Spanish on the Ad Council campaign to more than 10,000 suburban newsweeklies nationwide by North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS).


In addition to highlighting the importance of childrens oral health, the website and the need for the campaign, the PSAs will also be included in the story. The article will include a campaign image and a box, which specifies for readers what they can do to take a more active role in their childrens oral health. A screen grab from the TV spots will also be included.


This story is evergreen and can run for several months, even years, and is a great way to reach parents in the general market, as well

as Hispanic and African American communities. The Ad Councils Mens Health mat release distributed last year in partnership with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has generated 420 stories, reaching more than 12.7 million people.


AOL Cause of the Day


AOL featured the Childrens Oral Health on its site on Friday,

FeB. 22, 2013, under the "Cause of the Day" section (right, mid-page) that people click on to go to the campaign landing page on http:// This opportunity comes at a perfect time to complement our efforts surrounding National Childrens Dental Health Month, providing more viewers for campaign messaging and website.


Billboard Update


Check it out everyone! The outdoor is getting some great exposure. The attached photo was taken in Beverly Hills on the corner of Orlando and 3rd.