May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


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September 2013 Volume XLIX Number 5

Task Force on Talent Development


The AAPD Task Force on Talent Development wishes to thank all the dentists who filled out our survey at the New Dentists Reception during the AAPD Annual Session in Orlando. This survey represents an initial step in the process to develop a system to encourage and identify individuals with unique talents relative to the mission of the AAPD. It is the goal of the task force to give these pediatric dentists access to mentors and enhanced training to facilitate their role within the AAPD. Again, this survey represents only a first step. We are proud to announce the three winners of our survey contest. Each winner was randomly selected from the pool of people who took the survey. Our congratulations to Drs. Dylan Bordouno (not pictured), Jeremy Horst, and Elisa Perez. Stay tuned for more information about the workings of the task force. This group (Co-chairs Drs. Charles Czerepak and Rebecca Slayton, Drs. Santos Cortez, Ryan Hughes, Lois Jackson and Denny McTigue) has begun the process of creating a structure to identify areas where future talent for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry will be needed. Additionally, they have developed a framework of mechanisms whereby we can populate a database of potential experts, including the identification of additional training they may need to fulfill those roles, to sustain the continued growth of the AAPD.

Obiturary James Thomas Rule, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Jim Rule, department chair of Pediatric Dentistry at Maryland from 1978-1998, died on May 9, 2013 in Easton, Md., after a long struggle with prostate cancer. Rule obtained his D.D.S. degree at Temple University School of Dentistry, his specialty training at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, and a Master of Science degree in Anatomy from the University of Chicago. Previous to his appointment at the University of Maryland, Rule held positions on dental faculties at the University of Oregon, The Ohio State University, and the University of Connecticut. In the latter two institutions he served as graduate program director. Much of Rule's career was devoted to education and research. His research activities were centered on clinical trials of anticavity toothpastes and antigingivitis agents funded by the National Institutes of Health, Lever Brothers and Procter and Gamble. His primary teaching activities were focused on clinical pediatric dentistry, development of the dentition, the science of dental decay, and ethics. Rule's interest in ethics was stimulated by a sabbatical leave at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics in Georgetown University in 1989-1990. In 1991 Rule initiated a course in professional ethics for dental students at the University of Maryland that continues today. His interests generated a book entitled, "Ethical Questions in Dentistry," co-authored by Robert M. Veatch, published in 1993. For many years he was associate editor, Section on Dental Ethics of the Journal of the American College of Dentistry. As part of this role, he authored "The Ethics Handbook for Dentists." Rule retired in 1998 from the department chairs position and lived both in Deer Island, Maine, and in Easton, Md. During these productive retirement years he served as senior visiting fellow at the Center for Health Policy and Ethics at Creighton University, where he completed work on the second edition of "Ethical Questions in Dentistry", published in 2004. In 2005 he published with Muriel Bebeau of the University of Minnesota a book on moral exemplars in dentistry entitled "Dentists Who Care: Inspiring Stories of Professional Commitment." To paraphrase a sentence from his book, "Dentists Who Care," is perhaps a fitting way to remember Rule, "While dentistry has many enriching traditions, its moral tradition is enhanced by stories of its moral heroes" — one of whom is Dr. James T. Rule.

Distinguished Women's Award

Dr. Winifred J. Booker along with four other Baltimore area businesswomen leaders were recognized for their outstanding professional and civic accomplishments by the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland's Distinguished Women's Award. Booker shared her commitment to the dental treatment of the pediatric patient population and to the grassroots oral health programs she has developed to help empower communities on Woman Talk Live radio, a media sponsor of the Distinguished Women's Award Reception.



Louisiana State University Student Chapter of the AAPD at the Dillard University Health Fair! It is a health fair intended to benefit the Gentilly community in New Orleans, La.