May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Corporate Spotlight: Cheng Crowns

September 2013 Volume XLIX Number 5

 From humble beginnings with two employees, Cheng Crowns—a division of Peter Cheng Orthodontic Laboratories, Inc.—made its debut in 1987 providing pediatric dentists with an aesthetic alternative to the stainless steel crown. Today, the laboratory operates out of a state-of-the-art 3,500-square-foot facility located in suburban Philadelphia, is supported by more than 20 employees, and serves dentists, hospitals, and governments worldwide.
Company founder Peter Cheng has a deep-rooted dedication to producing crowns. "While the materials and fabrication methods we use have evolved since the company's founding, our attention to detail and meticulous approach to the art will remain unwavering," said Dr. Aaron Cheng, Peter's son who recently joined his brother, Benjamin Cheng, the company's chief operating officer.
Despite coming off commemoration of their 25th anniversary, the Chengs have had little time to celebrate as they have been busy with the launch of a new logo and website, an educational videos series, and the zirconia crown product line. The brothers are proud of their family's dedication to dentistry and are excited to continue the Cheng Crowns legacy well into the future.
The company's orthodontic roots provided an expertise in dental artistry and craftsmanship that allowed Cheng Crowns to bring the first pre-veneered stainless steel crown to the market. "Our products marry the durability and familiarity of stainless steel crowns, with the improved aesthetics of resin," Cheng said. "Our crowns are exceptionally beautiful and durable, featuring pre-contoured anatomies and pre-crimped margins to maximize aesthetics and retention, saving dentists valuable chair time."
A current focus for Cheng Crowns is on a new product, monolithic Zirconia crowns. "This crown is even more natural looking with high translucency, thin anatomical features (to minimize tooth prepping), and a mirror-like polished surface," Cheng said. With a focus on improving the lives of children and the professional lives of dentists, Cheng said this new type of crown will complement preveneered crowns towards advancing the future of pediatric dentistry.
Recognizing the importance of its partnership with the AAPD, Cheng said the company believes in collaboration to improve the oral health of children. A value on high quality and innovative products is the future. And all the changes happening at Cheng Crowns aims to forward one goal — to lead aesthetics and efficacy of dental restorations for children.
Cheng Crowns is a proud sponsor of the 2013 AAPD Annual Session. For more information on Cheng Crowns visit http://www.