May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


HSHC Welcomes 30 Participants into Leadership Institute, Cohort IV

September 2013 Volume XLIX Number 5

In 2004, the AAPD partnered with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Ultradent, Inc. to develop the Leadership Institute program. From its inception, the participants of Leadership Institute I, II, & III have honed their philosophical and operational skills to maximize their leadership potential and performance in the workplace and the Academy. We are honored and proud of the accomplishments of these past participants and look forward to another exciting three years with our fourth class.
This December in Evanston, Ill., at the Kellogg School of Management, the new Leadership Institute class will come together to begin their three year program. HSHC is proud to welcome the following 30 AAPD members into Leadership Institute, Cohort IV.
Drs. eduardo A. Alcaino, Paul b. Andrews, Neal R. benham, Carlos A bertot, Donald l. Chi, Jessica R. Debord, Jeffrey A. Dean, Kimon Divaris, larry D. Dormois, Jane Gillette, Scott D. Goodman, William A. Greenhill, Stephen e. Greenleaf, Steven P. Hackmyer, Felicty K. Hardwick, Cynthia l. Hipp, Kemie D. Houston, Ryan J. Hughes, Janice G. Jackson, Shari C. Kohn, Ashok Kumar, Jonathon e. lee, Stephen C. Mitchell, Dorothy T. Pang, Mario e. Ramos, Francisco J. Ramos-Gomez, edward l. Rick, Deven v. Shroff, Sharine v. Thenard and Anne R. Wilson.