May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Evidence-Based Dentistry Workshop

January 2014 Volume L Number 1

Saturday, May 24

8:30 am 5 pm

Peter H. Buschang, Ph.D. and N. Sue Seale, D.D.S., M.S.D.

Maximum Participants: 20

Cost: $250


Pediatric dentistry along with the rest of health care is becoming more evidence-based. To obtain a practical understanding of evidence-based methods, this hands-on computer workshop will teach the participant how to 1) develop an appropriate clinical question; 2) find the relevant literature pertaining to the question; and 3) critically evaluate the literature. Following the introduction of evidence-based dentistry, the attendees will learn how to develop clinical questions using PICO, a method used to refine clinical questions and facilitate computer searches. Basic elements of PubMed will then be introduced and applied, providing attendees with the computer skills necessary to perform literature searches related to specific clinical questions. Finally, basic and practical information about research design will be provided and used by the attendees to critically evaluate published research studies and rank them according to the strength of evidence they provide (ranging from expert opinion to systematic reviews).


Dr. Peter Buschang is professor of orthodontics and director of orthodontic research at Baylor College of Dentistry. He received his Ph.D. in from the University of Texas at Austin in 1980; from 1980-1983 he was a NIDR postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Orthodontics, University of Connecticut Health Science Center; from 1983-1988 he was a FRSQ scholar in the Orthodontic section and Human Growth Research Center, University of Montreal. He regularly reviews articles for numerous journals and has served as associate editor for several journals (currently Angle Orthodontist). Buschang has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters focusing on craniofacial growth, developmental adaptations associated with treatments, and oral-motor function. He is director of Baylor's graduate core course entitled "Research Design and Methodology".


Dr. N. Sue Seale is professor and chairman of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas A&M Health Science Center, as well as director of the advanced education program in pediatric dentistry at Baylor. She is director of dental service at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital of Children and chairman of the Department of Dentistry at Children's Medical Center of Dallas. In 2001, the AAPD named her Pediatric Dentist of the Year and also presented her with the Merle C. Hunter Leadership Award in 2003. She is editor-in-chief of the AAPD journal Pediatric Dentistry.