May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Boston Tours

January 2014 Volume L Number 1

Charm, colonial heritage, sports, academics, arts, sciences, performing arts, wonderful neighborhoods, and the expression of freedom— Boston has it all! Enjoy the highlights, the heritage, and the transportation systems with a few twists on Boston and the area's best-kept secrets. Visit to register.


Boston Revealed

Thursday, May 22

Noon 4 pm

Price per person: $45


Referred to as the "Athens of America" and known universally for its role in the shaping of America, Boston represents a colonial cornucopia of sites, sounds and historical significance in its contributions to our nation. You will travel through Copley Square and the Back Bay, home of the Boston Public Library and Trinity Church. Atop Beacon Hill, disembark for a stroll with an enchanting view of the Boston Common and Public Garden, offering a verdant and graceful respite from the pace of the city, as well as the State House and the 54th Regiment Memorial.


Guests will be guided past Kings Chapel and the Old Granary Burying Grounds, the final resting place for several original Patriots. View the Old South Meeting House, where planning for the Tea Party "coup" took place, and the Old State House where the Declaration of Independence was recited to Boston residents. Head through the back streets to Charlestown to visit the old navy shipyard and view "Old Ironsides," better known as the U.S.S. Constitution.


Guests will continue to roam the streets and head to the heartbeat of the Italian community, the North End. Forge on to Faneuil Hall, known as "the cradle of liberty" for over 240 years. This walking portion includes a unique experience in Boston's famous Haymarket Square with live vendors.


Boston DUCK Tour

Friday, May 23

9 10:30 am

Price per person: $85


The Duck and ConDUCKtor will pick you up at the Hynes Convention Center. Guests will cruise by the places that make Boston the birthplace of freedom and a city of firsts from the golden-domed State House to Bunker Hill and the Boston Garden; Boston Common and Copley Square to the Big Dig; Government Center to fashionable Newbury Street; Quincy Market to the Prudential Tower; and more. And just when you think you've "quacked" it all, the Duck splashes into the Charles River for a breathtaking view of the Boston and Cambridge skyline.


At the end of the tour, the group will return to the Hynes on a coach.


Call of the Whales

Friday, May 23

9:15 am 1:30 pm

Price per person: $95


Relax and enjoy a three-hour whale watch cruise on a highspeed catamaran. The cruise will visit the east coast's most famous whale watching destination, Stellwagen Bank.


Here, guests are able to view a variety of whales including the humpback, finback and minke while the whales frolic in their natural habitat. The whale watch is narrated by a naturalist from the noted Whale Center of New England and includes a narration of the Boston Harbor Islands.


"La Dolce Vita" North End Culinary Tour

Friday, May 23

1 4:30 pm

Price per person: $98


A docent-guided tour will provide guests with insight on the infamous "Little Italy" of Boston, the North End. This borough attracts visitors and Bostonians alike with its intimate and familial setting. One of the oldest neighborhoods in America, the North End is made up of quaint and narrow cobblestone streets. Participants will stroll while listening to a brief history of the area. As the group ambles along, stops are made at various shops which may include: a pastry shop, a confection store, a coffee and spice store, a greengrocer, a salumeria (deli) and a liquor store.


The guide will divulge secrets on how to spot authentic ingredients, where to buy them and how to prepare them. Participants will be encouraged to get involved by sampling and asking questions throughout the tour. As an added benefit, insights on different restaurants in the area will be shared. Handouts describing the different stores stopped at along the way will also be distributed to participants.


On The Trail Through Cambridge

Friday, May 23

1:30 5:30 pm

Price per person: $54


Head to Harvard Square, where your guide will accompany you through the historical back roads of Cambridge. Take a walk down Tory Row, past George Washington's former home, the Old Blacksmith's Shop and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's former home. Next up, your guide will take you on a stroll to the Harvard University campus, one of the greatest academic and research facilities in the world. The group will be lead through Harvard Yard, the Civil War Memorial Hall and Sander's Theater, as well as various other points of interest. In addition to architectural and historical perspectives, you will also be treated to a series of long-lived campus stories, popular since the Institution's founding in 1636.


From there, ride through the iconic Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) while your guide regales the group with a history of hilarious hacks. Once off the coach, the group will be be escorted onto charming river boats for a fascinating one hour sightseeing tour down the Charles River. Your guide will point out various points of interest and historical markers along the riverside.


Kayaking Adventure

Saturday, May 24

8 11 am

Price per person: $116


Revel in the best view of Boston's skyline — from a kayak on the Charles River!


Your guide will entertain you with tales of Boston and Cambridge as you explore and enjoy one of the most scenic sections of urban river in the country.


Our two-hour Skyline on the Charles River feature the classic Boston skyline view of the Hancock and Prudential Buildings, Citgo Sign, and State House Dome, plus the Esplanade and M.I.T.


No experience is needed. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy this sport.


Oh, The Elegance and Charm of Newport!

Saturday, May 24

8 am 5 pm

Price per person: $144


Rising early to head south, travel along the coast to the beguiling town of Newport, Rhode Island. Discover this legendary seaside resort and summer playground for this country's first millionaires and home of America's first castles. Travel along the shoreline via the spectacular
"10-mile drive", admiring regal mansions against the backdrop of the magnificent Atlantic. Guests may revel in the luxury of the Vanderbilt's "summer cottage"—the Breakers—a sprawling mansion with 70 rooms illustrating the Vanderbilt's role in the Gilded Age. Other mansions may include Rosecliff, Issac Bell House, Marble House, the Elms and Chateau-sur-Mer.


Lunch will be held at La Forge Casino, a charming restaurant overlooking the tennis courts of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. If time allows, the group will have the opportunity to shop at many of the boutiques and niche shop fronts located in the area.


Journey to the New World

Saturday, May 24

9:30 am 4:30 pm

Price per person: $116


Experience life in the 17th Century at Plymouth Plantation. Here guests can learn about and participate in work from the old days, such as preparing loaves of bread for baking. There are also interactive role players and interpretive staff of the Wampanoag Homesite and the 1627 English Village. Additionally, guests will share in a traditional Thanksgiving Buffet, where they will learn about the table manners of the 17th Century and eat the food of the Pilgrims.


Next, it's onto the Mayflower. Aboard the Mayflower II you will find an extraordinary experience. The details of this ship, from the solid oak timbers and tarred hemp rigging to the wood and horn lanterns and hand-colored maps, have all been carefully recreated to give you a sense of what the original 17th century vessel was like. More role-playing interpreters and modern guides are featured on board this reproduction of the ship that brought the colonists to the new world. Visitors can envision the reality of the cross-Atlantic journey as they explore the cramped quarters and the lower level hold of the ship. At the conclusion of the tour, there may be an opportunity to visit the gift shop.

Bewitching Seaport: Salem

Sunday, May 25

8:30 am 1 pm

Price per person: $82


"Witch" way to Salem? Salem and Witches are two words synonymous with New England, where witchcraft hysteria defined this seaside mecca's place in history and even today. Heading north to Salem reveals that much more went into the formation of this picturesque enclave.


Upon arrival, the group will head to "The House of Seven Gables," the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne's great classic. Winding past the Hawthorne Hotel and Pickering Wharf, the macabre of the "witchery" draws the group into a fascinating glimpse of 17th Century mob hysteria.


After the highlights of maritime history of the Salem Wharves, visit the Peabody Essex Museum and connect the maritime trade in Salem to the birth of the nation. Included in the Peabody Essex Museum is a guided tour though some of the museums exhibits.


Revolutionary Battlegrounds

Sunday, May 25

8:30 am 1 pm

Price per person: $63


Retrace the footsteps along the Freedom Trail through Boston proper and into the towns of Belmont, Lexington and Concord, where the Freedom Rider rode his horse to warn the Colonials that the "British Are Coming!" Relive the moments on the famous Lexington Green and Concord Foot Bridge as well as the 13-mile ride of Paul Revere from Charlestown to Lexington and Concord.


Learn about the "true" story of that night and the days to follow. No one really knows who fired the first shot at Lexington Green that fateful day in April of 1775, but General George Washington's stunning victory at Yorktown six years later is a piece of history that Boston will always be remembered for.