May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


A Message from HSHC President

January 2015 Volume LI Number 1

While preparing an article for a dental trade publication about the challenges of pro bono care and our duty as caregivers, I got to thinking about how so many AAPD members are involved with so many charitable efforts in our practices, in our communities and on the state, regional and national levels. A question I explored in the piece Where does the compassionate person end and the businessperson begin? caused me to reflect on how the work of Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children is the embodiment of pediatric dentists' compassion. We reflect the generosity of our profession. During 2014, we  
  • Expanded our access to care reach. We've added multi-year grants to our portfolio $375,000 over five years and have helped more than 118,000 kids get Dental Homes since 2010. 
  • AAPD 2015 in Seattle will provide AAPD members with opportunities for work, education and play.
  • Hosted our second successful Dental Home Day, providing free dental care for 71 kids at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and providing those children with a Dental Home for the coming year.
  • Added Dental Home components to the American Dental Association's Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) collaboration with 3M ESPE and NASCAR. A 3M ESPE-sponsored HSHC Access to Care Grant will provide Dental Homes for at least 100 kids who participated in GKAS education events in Phoenix last November.
  • Made preparations for second cohort of the Advanced Leadership Institute, held at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. This cohort will begin its work in January 2016.
  • Received professional recognition for our efforts on your behalf. ASAE/The Center for Association Leadership awarded HSHC its Power of A 2014 Gold Award for our ef forts on your behalf.
Looking ahead, 2015 promises to be a year of continued growth for HSHC thanks to all of you. We plan to issue as many as 20 new $20,000 Access to Care Grants and two more $375,000 Multi-Year Access to Care Grants. We hope to begin outcomes assessment efforts later this year and the Cohort IV of the Leadership Institute at the Kellogg School of Management will complete its studies in December. 
  • Join us on Wednesday, May 20, for our Dental Home Day at the University of Washington as HSHC presents a day of service followed by a year of care. Please contact Tracey Schilligo at for information how you can get involved.
  • On Saturday, May 23, HSHC will host a half-day workshop, Establishing Dental Homes for the Underserved is Not One-Size-FitsAll. See page 21 of this issue of PDT for more information.
  • On Saturday night, May 23, join us at the Museum of Flight for HSHC's annual Dental Home Gala. Besides experiencing aviation history in a one-of-a-kind venue, our guests will be invited to compete for the Top Gun Cup, a fighter-jet simulator contest that will be held throughout the evening. Please contact Michelle Hidalgo at for more information or to order your tickets. (All proceeds benefit HSHC's access to care efforts!)

Thank you for all you do to support Healthy Smiles, Healthy forts to enrich lives. In October, HSHC received the Ethics Children. I look forward to providing you with ongoing updates and Professionalism Award from the American College of on all the great things your generosity makes possible. Dentists in recognition of our Access to Care and leadership development efforts.

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