May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Affiliate Member Update

July 2015 Volume L Number 4

by Dr. Kerry Maguire, D.D.S., AAPD Affiliate Trustee

The reasons for joining a professional organization differ, just like our practice styles. Whether you belong to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for the continuing education benefits, networking opportunities, advocacy for children or the great social events at the Annual Session (cue the Space Needle!), this organization has a lot to offer. Even so, the AAPD leadership and staff are always looking for more and better ways to serve their members.

To that end, Past President Dr. Warren Brill convened the Task Force on Enhancing General Dentist Membership in 2013. Led by former Affiliate Trustee Dr. Jane Gillette and made up of general and pediatric dentist members from across the country, the Task Force was charged with identifying and analyzing influences affecting Affiliate membership, and asked to forward recommendations to the AAPD board of trustees to enhance growth of and value to Affiliate members.

The Task Force submitted their final report in March 2015, and it was formally accepted by the board of trustees at their May 19, 2015, meeting. The Task Force recommendations fell under four board categories listed below: 

• Develop Affiliate Membership category infrastructure and leadership Similar to the International Member Category, Affiliate Members are a virtual district defined by membership type rather than location. Internal organization of the Affiliate group—in addition to the Affiliate Trustee—would help distribute group responsibilities and create a leadership pipeline.

• Create a culture supportive of general dentists within the AAPD Affiliate participation in AAPD activities is important for both individual members and the Academy. Affiliate members indicate strong interest in participating in councils and committees as well as Healthy Smiles Healthy Children, Advocacy Day and other AAPD activities. President Rob Delarosa recently appointed six Affiliates to Councils and Committees, and more Affiliate members have expressed interest. 

• Engage in targeted promotion and marketing to general dentists Seventy percent of pediatric dental care is delivered by general dentists. The partnership that exists between pediatric and general dentists is essential to providing oral health care for all children. To engage general dentists—and provide them with the resources to deliver optimal oral care to children—a robust program promoting the benefits of AAPD membership is timely.

• Develop a robust pediatric pre-doctoral membership program Along with the Council on Membership and Membership Services and the Council on Pre-Doctoral Education, the Task Force recommended increased support in creating, nurturing and recognizing student chapters of the AAPD. Many dental student outreach programs are driven by "prevention champions" who focus on good oral health for children. Those students—future specialists and generalists alike—comprise the next generation of AAPD members. 

Over the next year, an implementation plan will be drafted to flesh out each recommendation, suggested actions and appropriate timelines. It's a great time to be an Affiliate Member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry—stay involved and stay tuned!  

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