May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


2015 Joint Academic Day

July 2015 Volume L Number 4

 Nearly 160 educators involved in predoctoral and postdoctoral pediatric dental education came together for the Annual Joint Academic Day. Dr. Catherine Flaitz welcomed everyone and introduced the morning program featuring with discussions led by Dr. Bruce Silverstein, a favorite teacher among the medical students and clinical professor in the division of gastroenterology at the University of Washington, and Dr. Sara Gordon, associate dean for academics at the UW School of Dentistry presented a talk titled It Does Not Matter What You Teach But What They Learn. Dr. Joel Berg, dean at the UW School of Dentistry spoke on Managing Up and Down: Manage and be Managed. Dr. David Johnsen, dean at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry discussed Critical Thinking Methods: Focal point for a culture of inquiry. Drs. N. Sue Seale and Paul Casamassimo presented results of survey measuring the Adequacy of Predoctoral Patient Pools in Achievement of Competency in Pediatric Dentistry in U.S. Dental Schools and Entering Residents in Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Education Programs Preparedness: Program Director and Resident Perspective Concordance. Finally, Dr. Allen Lurie provided an update on the Image Gently campaign, an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging.

Participants that registered for the Annual Sessions may access the Joint Academic Day presentations at

Following lunch sponsored by Procter and Gamble, the Society of Predoctoral Program Directors and the Society of Postdoctoral Program Directors met and held programs designed to meet their specific needs.

Please contact AAPD Educational Affairs Manager Scott Dalhouse at for additional information or assistance with accessing the presentations.  

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