May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


We Give Back Because We Care

July 2015 Volume L Number 4

 As pediatric dentists as people who care for children we do amazing work. In matters large and small, we improve the lives of children every single day.

Despite the strides we make together as a profession, a staggering number of children in the United States do not have access to regular dental care. There are millions of children, despite our best efforts, who do not have Dental Homes.

I'm proud of our profession because we're doing something about it. Whether it's in our practices, through volunteering at local clinics or by participating in events like Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children's Dental Home Day (see page 52), AAPD members give back. We give back because we care. My role as HSHC president is one of the best volunteer jobs of my life. Since 2010, including the last two years as president, I've watched HSHC's impact grow because the Foundation is a reflection of you we all put kids first in everything we do.

Nowhere is our kids-first emphasis more apparent than in HSHC's access to care work. Our mission is to support community-based efforts providing dental homes to children from families who cannot afford dental care.

Since 2010, HSHC has issued more than $3 million in grants to 70 organizations in 26 states. HSHC grantees have helped provide dental homes to more than 290,000 needy kids! To put our growth in perspective, consider this:

In 2010, our first year of access to care grants, HSHC issued grants of $97,000 to five organizations.

This spring, HSHC awarded more than $1.1 million in grants and commitments to 22 organizations across the country. 

Since 2010, HSHC has received more than 1,300 grant applications and we anticipate awarding another one million dollars in grants in 2016.

None of this would be possible without AAPD member generosity. In fact, with more than 14 percent of AAPD members making contributions to HSHC, your support of your foundation is among the highest membership participation levels compared to other national association foundations.

I am proud of and grateful for your generous support. And now, I'm going to ask you for more.

In Seattle we announced a year-long campaign: the Dental Homes Challenge. Thanks to a $1 million pledge from an anonymous donor couple, every contribution and pledge made to HSHC through June 30, 2016, will be matched by their generous pledge.

Their generosity will double every dollar donated to HSHC, helping us double our efforts to helping children get into dental homes. This is the best kind of two-for-one. The Dental Homes Challenge will make a difference in the lives of kids across the country.

Please be as generous as you can so we can add to the number of children who now have dental homes with our grantees all thanks to AAPD member generosity.

We see children in our practices every day who are fortunate no, they are blessed to have you in their lives. For every child we see, there are hundreds more who don't have the benefit of a Dental Home.

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children is making a difference every year for kids across the country. Thank you for your support and dedication because you make all of this possible.  

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