May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Affiliate Membership

All the Buzz and None of the Sting

November 2015 Volume L Number 6

By Kerry Maguire, AAPD Affiliate Trustee
When I asked longtime AAPD Affiliate Member Dr. Ray Lansdowne to tell me about himself, he launched right in: "My story is of two people, myself and my wife and partner, Sharon.  The two of us have been joined as one in marriage and in dentistry as we were married about one month prior to entering dental school. She taught school in a small town outside Dallas, Texas.  I graduated from Baylor University College of Dentistry – spent two years in the Air Force – then we returned to our home town of Wichita, where I took over the pediatric dental practice of the first school-trained pediatric dentist in the state of Kansas, Dr. A. Wayne Rose."
"I had excellent training in children’s dentistry at Baylor, but I did not want to limit my practice. In 1970, I converted that practice to a solo general dental practice. I am still in practice and see kids of all ages – the oldest being 101 – and the youngest – well, I prefer to ‘see’ them while mom is pregnant so I can instruct the parents on oral care  the normal first dental visit."
Lansdowne was encouraged by Rose to join the American Society of Dentistry for Children (ASDC). Organized in 1927, ASDC welcomed any dentist who was committed to children’s oral health. As an ASDC (and Academy of General Dentistry) leader at state, district and national levels, Lansdowne was president-elect when the organization merged with AAPD. He immediately became the first Affiliate representative to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry board of trustees.  
After an extended term on the board, Lansdowne recruited Dr. Nick Rogers to succeed him. Rogers had this to say about Lansdowne:  "I feel honored to call Ray Landsdowne a friend, colleague and mentor. We first started working together over 30 years ago in the Kansas Academy of General Dentistry. When there became a critical need within my community to open my practice to children, Ray encouraged me to join the American Society of Dentistry for Children. He and the other members gave me the guidance and direction as to better and safer ways to provide pediatric care. It was his encouragement and guidance that led to me join the AAPD. If it were not for Ray, I would not have pursued the affiliate trustee position in the Academy."
Rogers continues, "The path that I followed was made much easier as the result of the strong foundation that was created by Ray. I appreciate and am grateful to Ray for his many contributions to dentistry, not only in Kansas, but on the national level. It is this dedication to his profession and his devotion to his family that make Ray truly one of a kind."
When I asked Lansdowne if I could profile him in this column, he modestly said "Please leave out any buzz with a potential sting." There’s plenty of buzz – and well-deserved, I might add. Thanks for letting our AAPD members share in your story. We are all here in part because of the path you and Sharon helped build atop a strong foundation of advocacy for children’s oral health.

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