May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Dr. Deven Shroff Provides Dental Care to Children in Guatemala

November 2015 Volume L Number 6

Pediatric dentist Deven Shroff, D.M.D., of Columbia, Md., has recently returned from volunteering his time and expertise to help children in Guatemala. Along with his daughter, Anjali, age 18, Shroff participated in a 10-day field dental clinic with Global Dental Relief, a nonprofit organization with a mission of bringing free dental care to children in need around the world. He called his experience unforgettable, thanks to the caring, compassionate team he was part of and the fact that Global Dental Relief simply does humanitarian dental work the right way.
Utilizing the expertise, professionalism and positive demeanor developed over a career that has spanned two decades, Shroff proved himself an invaluable member of a team of four dentists, three dental hygienists and 12 medically trained volunteers ministering to the oral health of underprivileged Guatemalan children. Shroff and his team worked tirelessly, providing complete, top-notch dental care to 783 Guatemalan children who otherwise have little or no access to dental care. These children received 649 fillings, 116 extractions of heavily decayed teeth, a toothbrush and detailed instruction on proper brushing.
In volunteering to give the gift of quality dental care, Shroff has made a profound impact on the lives of needful Guatemalan children. Kids free of pain and with strong teeth and gums are better able to focus in school and eat nutritiously, contributing to a positive cycle of healthy children ready to grow into educated, productive caretakers of the next generation. In return, Shroff was treated to the famous hospitality of rural highland Guatemala. "It is amazing to me," he says, "how those who have so little can be so generous with what they do have in life."
Shroff was motivated to volunteer by his daughter, Anjali, who, after providing dental care to underprivileged Americans through the charity Mission of Mercy last year, was anxious to continue her joint humanitarian efforts with her father. Both
Shroff and Anjali gave their all, working long days to ensure that no child would be turned away without treatment. Yet looking back, Shroff believes that "I got way more than I gave. I feel so fortunate to have had the skills needed to make a difference in these children’s lives and blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to have this experience."
Global Dental Relief, and the children that they serve, certainly feel blessed to have had the Shroffs volunteer their time, expertise, hard work and infectious enthusiasm providing dental care to children in need. Says Shroff, a man who has made a career out of caring, "When I think about those we were able to help and the warm smile or hug we received after helping them, it still brings me both a smile and a tear."


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