July 2019 Volume LIV Number 4


A Message from your President: Globalization in Glasgow

September 2015 Volume L Number 5

 Summer is surely here! As always, we are extremely busy in our practices and new residents are starting their programs. I remember my first day at UTHSC at San Antonio under the great tutelage of Bill Berlocher, Steve Brandt and the rest of the crew. I still believe those were some of the best years of my life, challenging—for sure—but rewarding. 

It was shortly after completing my residency that I was introduced to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. For those of us who have been around awhile, the American Society of Dentistry for Children was still a separate entity, and we were called "pedodontists". Much has changed since those days long ago, but what hasn't changed is the commitment we all share for the children we serve. I know I have heard Jerry Miller use the phrase "it's all about the kids" many times, but he is spot on.

It truly is about the children, and we are privileged to be able to impact our patients' lives. I frequently remind my team that we are so fortunate to be able to call ourselves children's advocates and do what we do.

My travel schedule this year is very active and has already begun on a big note. I attended the 25th Congress of the International Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in Glasgow, Scotland. This was really a great meeting, and I met so many of our colleagues from across the world. I particularly want to thank IAPD President Dr. Jorge Castillo and Congress Chair Dr. Richard Welbury for their warm hospitality and invitation. As well, Immediate Past President Dr. Eduardo Alcaino was particularly accommodating in making sure I was in the right places. Dr. Alcaino is the first non-North American member to attend our Leadership Institute at Kellogg in this upcoming cohort. I assured Alcaino that he will surely enjoy his experience there, and I appreciate his willingness to come all the way from Australia to attend the December sessions.

IAPD consists of 1,265 individual members and 58 National Society members. At this meeting, seven new countries were admitted for membership. As we are, they are a growing organization, with sound financials and committed leadership. They have on their Board a Representative of Nations and our official representative is Dr. Yasmi Crystal, who also chairs the Scientific Committee. Dr. Jim Crall is on the Finance Committee and Dr. Milton Houpt is the outgoing IAPD Journal honorary editor. Several other AAPD members I saw in Scotland are also involved in IAPD, including Drs. Amr Moursi, Kevin Donly, Tim Wright and Francisco Ramos-Gomez.

Also, this year Dr. Anna Fuks, Israel ( a previous recipient of AAPD's Distinguished Service Award ); Dr. Lisa Papagiannoulis, Greece; and Dr. Gerry Wright, Canada, were selected as Honorary members for their long standing contributions to pediatric dentistry and the IAPD. Congratulations to these individuals for advancing our cause for children's oral health.

The governance structure of IAPD is different from ours, given the global nature of the organization. The representative society via delegates and the board vote on the issues at the Council meeting, which is similar to our General Assembly. This year was relatively easy as there didn't seem to be any issues of concern. Dr. Anthony Tsai, Taiwan, is the incoming president and Dr. Ana Marie Villerrou, Greece, President-Elect. Terms are for two years.

Of particular significance for me was the overall and consistent interest in collaboration that was expressed to me throughout the week. Following the efforts of our Global Interactions Task Force, established by Joel Berg and chaired by Amr Moursi, and our hosting the very successful International Reception in Seattle, there was a high level of enthusiasm for our communities to interact on several levels.

IAPD is in the process of developing policies and guidelines. The decision was made to begin the process by endorsing guidelines from other associations including AAPD's documents from our Reference Manual. Those endorsed will be published on their newly updated website.

In this same spirit of collaboration, we have agreed to co-host a Symposium with the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in October 2016. AAPD Past President Dr. Ed Moody and I will be going to Dublin this fall for the site visit and discussion of content for the meeting. This will replace our symposium normally held in November for this year only, and for those who attended the last joint meeting in Scotland, both parties feel this will be a successful venture for our members.

We also discussed the possibility of hosting a joint National meeting here in the states. With IAPD's meetings confirmed through 2021 and AAPD's at least through that date, we would be looking a little farther in the future to accommodate all schedules if possible.

Finally, as I stated in the beginning of this article, it's all about the children, and that's something we have in common with our international colleagues across the world.  

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