May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Affiliate & Alumni Meetings

January 2016 Volume LI Number 1

Thursday, May 26 – Saturday, May 28
Indiana University Pediatric Dentistry Alumni Association

Thursday, May 26   
4:30 – 6:30 PM
ABPD Recognition Reception

Saturday, May 28
7 – 10 AM
College of Diplomates Annual Breakfast Meeting & Symposium

1 – 2 PM
ABPD Certification Overview
Diplomates and other interested AAPD members are invited to attend the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) Overview Session on the initial certification process as well as the Renewal of Certification Process (ROC-P).
2 – 3:30 PM   
AAPD Leadership Caucus

2 – 4 PM
Foundation of the College of Diplomates of the ABPD Board of Trustee’s Meeting    

5 6 PM
Jacobi Medical Center Pediatric Dentistry Alumni Reception

5 - 7 PM
Canadian Association of Pediatric Dentists   
NYU College of Dentistry Alumni Reception
University of Tennessee Pediatric Dentistry Alumni
UW and Yakima Alumni Reception

5 - 7:30 PM
University of Iowa Pediatric Dentistry Alumni
University of Louisville Pediatric Dental Residency Program

5 - 8 PM
CSPD/WSPD Reception
5:30 - 7 PM
Children’s National Medical Center Alumni
Ohio State University Alumni Reception    
Paul P. Taylor Association of Pediatric Dentists   
Tufts University School of Dentistry   
UNC Alumni and NC Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
University of Illinois at Chicago, Pediatric Dentistry
UT Houston Pediatric Alumni

5:30 - 7:30 PM
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Pediatric Dentistry Alumni Reception
Uconn Alumni Reception
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine   
VCU/MCV Pediatric Dentistry Alumni and Friends

6 - 7:30 PM
Boston Children’s Hospital Alumni Reception

6 - 8 PM
Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Alumni Reception   
Kornberg School of Dentistry

6:30 - 8:30 PM
Geisinger Medical Center Alumni

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