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July 2016 Volume LI Number 4

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AAPD Member Op-Ed Included In The Hill: May 16, 2016

AAPD member Dr. Jessica Meeske (Neb.) authored an op-ed, "How Medicaid Audits Hurt Children In My Home State."

In the op-ed, Dr. Meeske shared her experience with the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program and noted that it prevents low-income families and children from receiving dental care through Medicaid in Nebraska. She referenced specific Nebraska RAC audit examples to reinforce her stance. Dr. Meeske balanced her piece by noting provider manuals in Nebraska give dentists discretion to determine frequency of treatment and noted low-income patients, particularly children, are at higher risk and may need care more often than every six months. June 2, 2016

AAPD national spokesperson Dr. Amr Moursi (N.Y.) was interviewed for a story on the banking of baby teeth in regards to dental stem cells and regenerative therapies.

"This area of study is moving quickly, and significant clinical applications may be available in the future," says American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry national spokesperson Dr. Amr M. Moursi. "Parents should discuss the risks and benefits of dental stem cell banking with their pediatric dentist in order to make a well-informed decision."


Mouth Monster Consumer Hub Articles

Monster-Free Mouths Movement Lounge at Annual Session

At the AAPD Annual Session in San Antonio, visitors were greeted by Tooth D.K. in the Monster-Free Mouths Movement Lounge. While in the Lounge, members learned how they can be a part of the Monster-Free Mouths Movement, AAPD’s consumer campaign to educate parents and caregivers on the critical importance of children’s oral health. Members were shown how to access free campaign tools, given a virtual tour of social and digital platforms available to share with their own online communities, and asked to participate in a short survey to help shape future member resources.

Facebook Webinar

Making the Most of Your Facebook Community to Grow Your Practice

With 75 percent of parents logging into Facebook daily, the well-established social platform is an ideal – and affordable – channel to build awareness of and promote your practice. On April 21, Weber hosted a 60-minute webinar to better understand why the social platform should be considered a cornerstone for your practice’s online presence, and how to best use the page to engage with families you care for on a daily basis.

To access the materials, please log on as a member to the main site and you’ll find the information under Practice Management under webinar materials.

AAPD Press Releases

AAPD Names New Board Officers and Trustees at AAPD 2016 in San Antonio: trustees_at_aapd_2016_in_san_antonio/

AAPD Honors Winners at Annual Session in San Antonio: http://

Media Outlet AAPD Expert(s) Date Featured Topic
Kentucky Dental Association Dr. Beverly Largent (Ky.) March/April 2016 Love Never Fails
Dr. Bicuspid AAPD April 29, 2016 New White Paper Offers Third-Molar Guidelines
Gatehouse Media AAPD Immediate Past President Dr. Rob Delarosa (La.) May 2016 Easing Kids' Fear of the Dentist
Naples Daily News Dr. Johnny Johnson (Fla.) May 10, 2016 Collier Commision Makes Right Call to Keep Fluoride in Water System
ABC News 4 Dr. Landon Sears (S.C.) May 24, 2016 New Research Shows Stem Cells Found in Baby Teeth Could be Key yo Good Health Later
Fortune Dr. Anubha Sacheti (Mass.) May 25, 2016 These Inventors Just Won $1 Million for Creating a Really Smart Toothbrush
Chicago Tribune Dr. Johnny Kuttab (Ill.) June 8, 2016 Shout Out: Johnny Kuttab, Dentist in Norwood Park

Ad Council Update:

To date in 2016, the campaign has received over $6.8M in preliminary donated media.


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