May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Keynote Address and Opening Ceremony

UNThink: The Art of Leadership Erik Wahl

March 2016 Volume LI Number 2


Friday, May 27

7:30 – 9 AM

Erik_20Wahl_20HeadshotStart AAPD 2016 off with an inspiring start by celebrating and honoring the best in the pediatric dentistry community with its highest honors. Join us throughout the morning to hear from AAPD leadership share highlights of the year. Top the session off with an uplifting, intelligent and emotional presentation by Erik Wahl. All of your senses will be touched.  

Maintaining a successful growing brand in today’s ever-changing market is difficult. Your team is working exceptionally hard, but could potentially be worn out, confused or maybe even heading down the wrong path. You hired them because they seemed perfect for the job, but over time their focus has lost its laser-like precision. There are days when, as their leader, you simply wish you could push the restart button. You know your group is talented but in desperate need of new motivation, a tool to realign your troops and revitalize them to perform their jobs as you both originally envisioned.

If this is your reality, Erik Wahl offers his high-energy onstage performance as your inspiration. This presentation is equivalent to yelling CLEAR as the paddles are positioned to shock the fading pulse of your workforce and enliven their hearts to pursue their jobs as you both originally intended.



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