May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


AAPD BITES INTO new initiatives For A Third Year Of Monster-Free Mouths

March 2016 Volume LI Number 2


AAPD Talks Teeth With The New York Times And Key Top-Tier
Parenting Publications

AAPD established relationships with several prominent New York City-based media outlets during deskside interviews. AAPD President Dr. Robert Delarosa introduced editors to AAPD and reinforced the Academy as the go-to resource for any pediatric dental story needs. 

Deskside interviews are more casual in nature than a typical media interview, with the conversation
taking place at an editor’s desk, hence the name. Conversations can range from focusing on a specific topic to a timely news story, or be a broader introduction of a product or resource. 

During each of his deskside meetings, Delarosa reinforced the importance of establishing a Dental Home by age 1 and highlighted several recent articles from the hub, including the recent fluoride infographic. One of the highlights was meeting with a reporter at the New York Times who has a seven-year-old child and expressed personal interest in AAPD and early pediatric dental care. She was also particularly interested in the role AAPD is taking in establishing international dental care. Delarosa also met with reporters at Family Circle, Parents Magazine, American Baby, NY Metro Parents and Ser Padres to discuss the importance of early dental health for children.  

Mouth Monster Hub Launches New Series And Expands Content

The Mouth Monster hub (, launched in late 2014, continues to grow and feature new, engaging pieces for members, parents, caregivers and media alike that educate about optimal dental care for children. Some recent highlights include:

"Little Teeth Truths" – Parents often have burning questions on growing teeth. This new series features common questions parents have on the health of little teeth and an answer from an AAPD pediatric dentist.

"Fluoride Infographic" – An educational and visual piece highlights the benefits of fluoride and the best sources to find it. Stats included highlight its cost-effectiveness in preventing tooth decay and best sources of fluoride.

"A Day of Dental Health" – This interactive timeline chronicles a fictional young character during a typical day. The pieces allows parents, caregivers and kids to follow his routine and test their oral health knowledge as they help the young boy navigate potentially tricky and sometimes tempting choices.

"5 Minutes With Tooth Decay" – In this lighthearted piece, readers are introduced to one of the Mouth Monsters, Tooth D.K. Parents and caregivers learn about his hobbies, places he likes to hang out and how to keep this pesky character away from little teeth.

 "Halloween Around the Country With the Mouth Monsters" – This article features the Mouth Monsters haunting Halloween traditions around the country. A Mouth Monster coloring sheet also reminds kids to brush and floss their pearly whites.

Parent Thought Leaders Raise Awareness Of AAPD Messages

This year, AAPD is partnering with influential online parent bloggers to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of dental health for children and setting up regular visits to the pediatric dentist. By working with parents who are seen as trusted thought leaders within their established online networks, AAPD is able to reach a vast number of parents with important information from a resource parents already know and trust. 

Susan Carraretto of "5 Minutes for Mom" wrote about why children’s dental health is a priority in her family, sharing a personal story of how her daughter had two fillings by age 9 and what parents could do to learn from Susan’s mistakes. Within her blog post, Susan used images, fact sheets and tips from the AAPD Monster-Free Mouth campaign to help parents better understand the importance of preventing tooth decay. 

Ellen Seidman of "Love That Max" interviewed AAPD Member Dr. John Hendry to develop a blog post with 5 tips for helping children with special needs brush their teeth. Within the post, she wove in personal anecdotes about helping her son Max, who has cerebral palsy, brush his teeth each day. 

Both Susan and Ellen leveraged their Facebook and Twitter communities to share the blog posts, ensuring their extensive network of like-minded parents and caregivers saw the blogs posts.

AAPD Social Media Communities Grow

Social media continues to help AAPD engage with parents in a meaningful way. By posting short, "bite-sized" tips and information on children’s dental health, parents and caregivers are able to easily share their favorite posts with other parents on their own social pages. AAPD continues to grow its presence and communities on both Twitter and Facebook. 

Popular posts this year highlighted tips that are easily digestible and interesting facts parents and caregivers might not be aware of.

The coming year will feature more exciting developments as AAPD continues efforts to support its members and fulfill its mission of healthy teeth for all children.

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