May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


AAPD Membership Needs Survey Results

March 2016 Volume LI Number 2


We know time doesn’t stand still and neither do pediatric dentists. To guarantee we are providing services and benefits members want and will use, AAPD surveys the entire membership every five years. This survey was sent out in October 2015. High drivers for membership continue to be supporting the organization that represents pediatric dentistry and advocating on the behalf of children’s oral health.

Top Issues Facing Pediatric Dentists

  • Access to affordable dental care due to changes in cost and coverage of insurance plans
  • Decreasing insurance/Medicaid reimbursement
  • Increasing government intervention in the dental industry

Annual Session

AAPD members love to go to the Annual Session: 87 percent of our members have attended at least one annual session in the last five years. Top reasons for attending are session topics and location. 

Favorite AAPD Products and Services

  • – 99 percent member usage
  • AAPD Reference Manual – 92 percent member usage
  • The Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry – 80 percent member usage


AAPD membership is becoming younger and more women are in the profession than ever before. 

  • 65 percent of members who responded were under the age of 45
  • 56 percent of members who responded were women 

Very impressive 80 percent of our membership have provided pro bono work to children domestically. Among these community volunteers members reported 53 hours annually, treating an average of 68 children and provide an average value of nearly $8,100 in service. 

AAPD will use this survey to plan for the next five years. For any questions regarding the 2015 Membership Needs Survey please contact Membership and Marketing Director Suzanne Wester at

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