May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


AAPD Predoctoral Chapter Spotlight

University of Colorado

March 2016 Volume LI Number 2


The University of Colorado AAPD Student Chapter is a newly founded organization with the purpose of encouraging students to pursue a career in pediatric dentistry and to promote appreciation of dentistry for children among dental students. We have grown as an organization from just a few members in 2013, to over 50 active members in 2015. The president, vice president, secretary and treasurer plan activities together throughout the year. They are responsible for organizing lunch and learns with pediatric dentistry faculty and residents; conducting community service activities and motivating students to participate on them; collecting funds and presenting reports; holding quarterly meetings and collaborating with other student organizations.


•  Open enrollment for new members (June-July)

•  Introductory meeting (06/23)

•  Pediatric Dental Residents Q&A Session (07/16)

•  Incoming class Welcome BBQ (08/06)

•  Cookie and learn presented by Karen Gutierrez (08/26)

•  Outreach event: St. Pius X Family Health Fair  (09/13)

•  "The Road to Specialty" presented by Dr. Ulrich Klein (10/09)

•  Outreach event: Anschutz Medical Campus Family Health Fair (11/01)

•  "Pediatric Oral Health in Southwest Guatemala" presented by Dr. Elizabeth Shick (11/13)

•  "Applying to Residency: PASS/MATCH Workshop" presented by Kristin Haun (03/04)

•  "To Specialize or Not: Working with Kids as a General Dentist" presented by Dr. Anne Wilson (04/17)

Student travel to the 2015 AAPD Annual Session: 2nd Place My Kids Dentist Research Poster Competition

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