May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Affiliate Article

Belonging Better, Belonging Deeper

March 2016 Volume LI Number 2


By Kerry Maguire, AAPD Affiliate Trustee

Affiliate members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry are a nationwide group of general practitioners who are diverse in every aspect but our dedication to kids. Whether we came to AAPD through the American Society of Dentistry for Children, participated in AAPD student chapters during dental school or discovered the organization on our own, we share a commitment to children’s oral health and well-being with all other AAPD members. 

We also bring a unique perspective to the Academy that is valued at all levels of involvement. According to the most recent Affiliate member survey, nearly 70 percent of respondents indicated they would be willing to expand their participation in AAPD by serving on a Council or Committee. The AAPD Bylaws support such participation, and at the October 2015 board of trustees meeting, an action item specifically designed to increase representation of Affiliate members on Council and Committees was approved.

Take a look at the administrative Policy and Procedures Manual, or the or the Council and Committee membership in the Membership Directory. There is a host of groups addressing a wide variety of essential efforts of the AAPD to which the diversity of the Affiliate membership can contribute. Duties and time commitments vary, as do the choices of how and where to get involved. Currently, seven Affiliate members serve on seven Councils and Committees of the 23 listed below.

Council on Annual Session
Scientific Program Committee
Council on Clinical Affairs
Committee on Behavior Guidance
Committee on the Adolescent
Committee on Perinatal Oral Health Care
Committee on Sedation and Anesthesia
Committee on Special Health Care Needs
Council on Continuing Education
Journal-Based Continuing Education Committee
Council on Government Affairs

Committee on Dental Benefit Programs
Pediatric Dental Medicaid and CHIP Advisory Committee
Council on Membership and Membership Services
New Pediatric Dentist Committee
Pediatric Dental Resident Committee
Committee on Communications
Committee on Interprofessional Relations
Council on Post Doctoral Education
Post -Doctoral Inservice Examination Committee
Council on Pre Doctoral Education
Council on Scientific Affairs
Consumer Review Committee

Interested? Watch for the call for 2017 volunteers later this year, and plan to do some homework at the Annual Session in May. With permission, most committees allow any Academy member to attend a meeting to observe and/or assess future interest. Not ready to branch out into broarder AAPD governance? Then plan on getting involved in our own Affiliate member group at our annual Caucus meeting on Saturday afternoon. It’s a terrific way to belong better and deeper. 


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