May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


A Message from your CEO

AAPD’s Commitment to Leadership

May 2016 Volume LI Number 3

Senator Bill Bradley once stated, "Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better." Simply stated but profound at the same time. What is occurring at the Academy is equally subtle but no less far reaching as we pursue unlocking the potential of all our members.

The historic evolution of the Academy has paralleled the increasing awareness that leadership development is paramount for an organization that is expected to grow, evolve, improve and ultimately reach its full potential. While the Academy is very fortunate to have an envious 93 percent recruitment and retention of pediatric dentists, with that is the responsibility to also recognize that building from such success requires an increasing resource commitment to our members’ leadership potential. It is this potential that we want to recognize, achieve and ultimately harness.

As many of you know, the Academy has now hosted and co-sponsored four leadership institutes at Kellogg School of Management, graduating 120 of our members and bringing some of the best minds in leadership to our academy. Our next cohort of 30 will be enrolling this upcoming fall.  By demand, we have expanded our educational experiences to partner with The Wharton School and deliver a year-long immersion in leadership that is unparalleled anywhere in the country. Both of these focused experiences are our investments in current and future member leaders.

It has become clear that we need to do even more.  Recently, the board approved the creation of a leadership committee charged with developing a masterplan that will recognize leadership development opportunities at numerous governance points in the organization. For example, creating an orientation for all our Chapter presidents with a focus on operations, team work/building, communications, and intraorganizational behavior is one potential opportunity that may be planned. Programming for our newest members, recognizing some of the unique challenges of millennials, is another area under serious consideration and review.

Leadership potential spans the personal and professional landscape as it keeps raising the bar with every activity and venture. The Academy is committed to providing the opportunities for all our members to unlock their potential to become better and more effective leaders.

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