May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


A Message from your President

10,000 Members, 10,000 Relationships

November 2016 Volume LI Number 6

10,000 Members, 10,000 Relationships

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry hit a membership level of over ten thousand members! So why is ten thousand such an important number? Because everything is measured in terms of tens of thousands these days…my Fitbit tells me when I have taken 10,000 steps, Malcolm Gladwell proposes the principle of 10,000 hours of practice is needed to become world class in one’s field and Wilt Chamberlin became the first person to score 10,000 points in 236 games.

There are varying definitions of the term relationship, but take a look at any dictionary and the general idea is that two or more people join together to partake in an event or series of events. Their feelings toward one another can be full of love, friendship, support- iveness, business or anything of the like. For the AAPD it is about these relationships…National, District and State Chapters, aca- demic colleagues and their institutions and clinical practitioners in their relationship with patients. We are an association, which cares and advocates for the oral health of children. From our perspective of 10,000 members, we are the primary caregivers of children’s oral health—The Big Authority on Little Teeth.

Oh sure, Groucho Marx humorously wrote in a resignation letter, "I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept someone like me as a member," but admit it, you are reading this most likely, because as one of the 10,000 AAPD members, you honor that la- bel. You, like me, treasure your profession in service to children and the relationships you have fostered.

AAPD supports you in these relationships in three key ways.

1.Relationships within and between our national, district and state chapters

  • 5,494 active members from our 5 geographic districts
  • 533 life members
  • 1,005 postgraduate and international students
  • 3,187 remaining from Affiliate, Associate, Corporate, Retired and other categories

Look for our upcoming planned Chapter Leadership Conference in 2017 where the AAPD will invite state and district president elects to join AAPD leaders to collaborate on a variety of topics. Also Public Policy Advocates from the state chapters will be invited for training to increase their effectiveness within their local areas. The AAPD is committed to continue to support these key relationships in the area of governance and advocacy.

2.Relationships with our academic colleagues and their institutions

  • 932 post doctoral students
  • 353 predoctural students
  • 73 international students
  • 774 full and part time academics

Our educators carry the banner of excellence at both the undergraduate, graduate and continuing education levels. These relationships are the strongest identifiers with our successful annual meetings year after year. Although pediatric dentists don’t treat all the kids, we train nearly all dentists who treat children.

3. Relationships with our members who are caring for the dental needs of children (and those with special health care needs) in their private practices

  • 3,010 private practice – group
  • 1,765 private practice – solo

Through differing and ever-changing models of care delivery, throughout every community that our members serve, it is about the relationships with the kids and the families we treat. In fact 99.5 percent of our membership surveyed see children with special health care needs. No other group of dental professional can boast of such a relationship.

The AAPD is committed to support these relationships in many ways. Some of the areas we support these relationships are: AAPD publications, AAPD Handbook, Reference Manual, council and committee representatives, Annual Meeting, CE, Leadership and Advanced Leadership Institutes, public awareness campaign, Foun- dation, Oral Health Research and Policy Center and State Public Policy Advocates. It is through our support and collaboration at all levels—state, district and national—that give us the best potential to better serve our patients and members.

Everyday in dental offices around the globe, our 10,000 AAPD members get into the world of their young patients by providing quality, comprehensive, evidenced based care dental care.

Is it not this relationship that is the most special gift to all 10,000 of us?

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