May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Thank You for ALL You Do

November 2016 Volume LI Number 6

Thank You for ALL You Do!

This month’s feature article shines a spotlight on our 10,000-strong membership. We recognize that one of the key benchmarks of a successful professional organization is one in which members continue to obtain value, and it is through your loyal dedication, innovative ideas, and most im- portantly your commitment to providing children with access to optimal pediatric dental care, that we’re able to celebrate nearly 70 years as your very own American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

To this end, we wanted to update our members on specific initiatives occurring within the AAPD and thank you again for your devotion to chil- dren’s oral health.


The membership department is in charge of attending to the profes- sional needs of AAPD’s 10,000 members and has many projects and services they provide as membership benefits.

Many of these member benefits come from the members themselves through the Council on Membership and Membership Services, and its numerous committees. For example, last year after hearing about the in- creasing student debt problem, AAPD partnered with SoFi, the student debt refinancing program. Due to this partnership, more than $10 mil- lion of AAPD members’ student debt has been refinanced as of today! In addition, the AAPD Career Center is a great place for members to look for a new position or recruit within your current practice.

AAPD is also committed to the general dentist member and created a task force for enhancing the general dentist membership. The new Af- filiate Advisory Committee is made up of general and pediatric dentists members addressing the general dentist’s needs, as well as increasing the member value and benefits with their membership, including network- ing and continuing education.

AAPD is not about staying the course. We recognize the need to appeal to all members and because our membership is always changing, AAPD has three committees and task forces dedicated to our younger members. The AAPD Resident Committee is one of the first opportuni- ties a new resident has to get involved. This committee writes articles for the PDT from their perspective and also developed the Resident Recog- nition Award for residents to showcase their achievements.

The Pediatric New Dentist Committee focuses on the needs for members 10 years out of residency programs. Each year at Annual Session, they have the New Pediatric Dentist program for continuing education and the New Pediatric Dentist Happy Hour for networking and fun.

This year the Millennial Task Force is taking a closer look at the needs of our millennial members. They are tasked with putting recom- mendations to implement programs, packages of benefits and other products that will maximize millennial member value.


We thank our members for being so generous. Even in these challenging political times, 10 percent of our members donate to the Political Action Committee (PAC).

In addition, thank you to the over 300 members who donate their time to council and committee work throughout the year.


The Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center extends great appreciation to our members for recognizing that strong policy is based not on popular opinion, but on solid science. Through membership sup- port, we have examined the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and access to care for children, explored practical ways for pediatric dental practices to promote healthy weight in child patients, and are developing a tool for caries risk assessment within the electronic health record to encour- age needed dental referrals from primary care providers. Perhaps most important, we have published the AAPD’s first ever evidence-based clinical guideline – with more to come. Thanks to membership commit- ment to ongoing research, the AAPD is truly the "big authority on little teeth."


Thank you to our attendees who arrive ready to learn and are open to trying new educational formats. We know there are plenty of op- portunities available to you and appreciate you selecting AAPD as your source for education.

The Meetings Services Department is grateful to each and every member who speaks at our CE courses, webinars, and the Annual Ses- sion. Sharing your knowledge with our membership and audience is in- valuable to the thousands of pediatric dentists. Thank you for engaging with our audience, providing feedback and being so wonderful to work with. You work with staff to constantly make improvements regarding delivery methods and schedules and you always deliver high-quality education.

We all agree working with the multiple volunteers on councils and committees is part of the fulfilling work we do. Thank you for show- ing up, building a solid foundation and doing the work to produce the products and services we offer.


Because of your expressed desire to better educate the lay pub- lic on children’s oral health, we commenced two parallel consumer campaigns—one with Weber Shandwick in which the Mouth Monster concept was born, and the other with the Ad Council and our 2min2x. org initiative.

We continue to be amazed at the adoption of both campaigns from our members, whether they’re being referenced to patients and their families, or via the application of the information, materials, and resources to your respective social media channels. The fact that these campaigns continue to resonate with the lay public and industry influ- encers is beyond thrilling, and we have you to thank for this feat.


Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children’s success is attributed to you – AAPD members who support Dental Homes for children who don’t have access to year-round, comprehensive care. Thanks to your support and generosity, HSHC has awarded more than $4 million in grants and commitments to 81 organizations in 29 states helping more than 300,000 children. HSHC will continue to expand efforts to support community-based initiatives that provide Dental Homes to underserved children.

We will explore ways in which AAPD members can employ their ex- pertise to support Dental Homes for more children. HSHC will release another $1 million in grants in 2017. Membership support is needed to fight child tooth decay. The average pediatric provides pro bono care totaling 53 hours of service, care for 68 children, and a total value of $8,000 in service. Nationally, 81 percent of pediatric dentists report providing some type of pro bono care last year. Also, the Southeast- ern District is most active with 88 percent of pediatric dentists in that district providing pro bono care. The NorthCentral District provides the greatest average hours of pro bono care (58). The Western District provides the greatest average cost of pro bono care ($9,317).


In the immortal words of President John F. Kennedy, "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." We know first-hand that our members share this sentiment and apply it every day to children across this country, and for that we remain forever grateful and proud.

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