May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Introducing the Affiliate Advisory Committee

September 2016 Volume LI Number 5

Introducing the Affiliate Advisory Committee

The AAPD board of trustees accepted the report of the Task Force on Enhancing the Value of General Dentist Membership and approved the immediate implementation of key recommendations. These include:
• Establish Affiliate Membership leadership
• Create a representative structure for our nationwide district
• Institute avenues for communication throughout the membership category
• Develop opportunities for Affiliate members to contribute across the AAPD organization
• Work with the Council on Pre-Doctoral Education to fuel interest in caring for children during dental school
• Promote the benefit of complimentary attendance at AAPD meetings for all AAPD Predoctoral student memberships

The first step in accomplishing these and the many other recommendations of the Task Force was the establishment of an Affiliate Advisory Committee housed within the Council on Membership and Membership Services. This new Committee exists to provide valuable structure for the Affiliate member- ship, coordination of Affiliate member activities, formalization of a leadership pipeline and multi-year implementation of proposals generated from the work of the Task Force.

Like most committees of the AAPD, this one includes representatives from all districts of the AAPD to promote geographic reach and bring perspectives from across the country. Committee members also serve as communicators from the AAPD to Affiliate Members, and stand ready to convey thoughts, sug- gestions and recommendations to the Committee, Council on Membership and Membership Services and the AAPD board of trustees.

The Committee is chaired by the current Affiliate Trustee (Kerry Maguire, Boston, Mass.), who also serves as the Committee liaison to the board of trust- ees and the Northeastern District representative. The Committee is composed of the immediate past Trustee (Jane Gillette, Bozeman, Mont.); an expert con- sultant (Nick Rogers, Arkansas City, Kansas); representatives from the Western District (John Blake, Long Beach, Calif.); Northcentral District (Vacharee Peter- son, St. Paul, Minn.); Southwestern District (Twana Duncan, Antlers, Okla.); and Southeastern District (Gianna DeSimone, Winter Haven, Fla.). Liaisons from the Councils on Pre-doctoral Education and Continuing Education will be appointed, as well as a liaison from the Committee on the Annual Session. We are lucky to have AAPD Membership and Marketing Director Suzanne Wester as our staff liaison. Over the next few months we will develop our vision, duties and charges.

If you think a new committee sounds like boring administrative move, please reconsider. Committees carry corresponding staff and other resource costs, and are never rubber stamp approved. Establishment of the Affiliate Advisory Com- mittee represents a very deliberate recognition of general dentist members as a valuable constituency of the AAPD, and by extension our commitment to what every member want—optimal oral health for children.

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