May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Member Benefit Spotlight

May 2017 Volume LII Number 3

Few health care waiting rooms or offices are as inviting and vibrant as those of a pediatric dentist. AAPD members know that enticing young patients to set aside their fear and sit still for the duration of a cleaning is no small feat! From video games and coloring books in the waiting area, to strategically placed televisions in treatment rooms, enter- tainment is essential if you’re going to win over children.

As a result, TVs are commonplace in most practices, and many members show movies and other short programs for patient entertainment. Your practice may already be familiar with Mo- tion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC), an independent copyright licensing agency. As you may recall, in 2011 AAPD negotiated reduced member pricing on MPLC’s annual Umbrella License®. The license allows dental offices to show movies and other programs in compliance with the U.S. Copyright Act.

A license to show movies? Yes, whether you pop in a DVD you purchased, or stream a television program via your streaming service subscription, a public performance license is required by law when such content is played in your practice.

Many AAPD members have secured the required license to show movies, but some practices may be unknowingly engaging in copyright infringement.

With fines for noncompliance starting at $750 per exhibition, securing an AAPD member Umbrella License for only $300 per year is smart business sense. Besides, what dentist has time to worry about copyright infringe- ment?

More importantly, with the required license in place, you can finally sign up for that streaming service subscription, stock chil- dren’s DVDs in your reception area, or think of fun ways to compliment your office theme with Hollywood movies. Why not play Finding Dory next to the aquarium?

To learn more about MPLC, the Um- brella License, and AAPD member pricing, please contact MPLC online at www.mplc. org or by phone at (800) 462-8855. Additional information about the negotiated discount is also available on the AAPD website at: http://www.


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