May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


A Message from Your HSHC President

May 2017 Volume LII Number 3

Charity Begins at Home

If all politics is local, the same can be said of charity. It makes sense because people like to see what it is that they’re supporting. In the years since we started supporting community-based efforts pro- viding Dental Homes to children from underserved families, we’ve helped our grantees help more than 300,000 kids in 29 states and the District of Columbia.

As our grant footprint expanded, so has our support from the generous members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. With 30 percent of AAPD members making at least one contribution to the Foundation during the last four years, we enjoy the great- est percentage of member support in organized dentistry – and among other membership association foundations.

This growth in our programs and in membership support got us thinking: What could we do to bring our mission closer to home for our members? Some of you might already know because, last month, we began promoting the option for AAPD members to dedicate their contributions in support of our access to care efforts in their districts.

Starting with our 2018 Access to Care Grants, which we’ll be announcing next month, we will apply members’ contribu- tions to eligible projects in their respec- tive districts. We’ll let you know who the grantee is, what they’re doing and how your gift will make a difference.

As I’ve stated previously in this space, HSHC is blessed by its affiliation with the AAPD. Besides being the primary source of financial support that fuels our mission, AAPD members also provide the expertise we rely upon to shape our priorities and identify the initiatives we ultimately support.

One of the greatest perks in my role as HSHC president is I have a front row seat to see this generosity and expertise in action. Earlier this year, I got to spend time with the pediatric dentists and resi- dents at the Louisiana State University Health New Orleans School of Den- tistry as they celebrated HSHC’s grant supporting after-hours care at its LSU’s Pediatric Dental Clinic. The $37,156 grant supported evening hours two nights a month and one Saturday per month.

Like all of us, I’m a softie when it comes to the kids, but I also take such great pride in seeing the future of pedi- atric dentistry care for kids and do so in a fun and engaging way for the children. That I got to do some story time with the patients, all the better!

When we convene in National Harbor, Md., for AAPD 2017, I hope you’ll stop by the HSHC booth to learn more about our efforts and to make your gift so HSHC can continue promoting initiatives supporting Dental Homes for all children. Whether you’re a current donor, someone who hasn’t given in a while, or someone who has never given, any contribution you make will make a difference in the life of a child. Please be as generous as you can.

Thank you.
Dr. Ned Savide HSHC President
AAPD Past President (2005) Dr. Savide, is a retired pediatric dentist residing in suburban Chicago.

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