May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


AAPD 2018 Program-at-a-Glance & Career Fair

November 2017 Volume LII Number 6

Honolulu, Hawaii
May 24-27, 2018

The Scientific Program Committee put together an outstanding group of faculty and continuing education courses geared to deliver cutting-edge clinical topics in addition to sessions which will help you and your staff run a better practice.

Thursday, May 24

Preconference Course
Joint Academic Day

Friday, May 25

Keynote and Awards Ceremony
Pulp Therapy: Nestor Cohenca
Caries: Brian Novy
An Update on the Spectrum: Travis Nelson
Work Life Balance: Uche Odiatu
My Kid’s Dentist Poster Research Competition
Restoration: Kevin Donly and Rebecca Slayton
Orthodontics: Patty Medland
Mini Clinics I
New Dentist Happy Hour
Leadership Institute Reception
Welcome Reception: Aloha Festival

Saturday, May 26
Breakfast Rounds
Mini Clinics II
GSRA/Sunstar Research
Coffee Clutch for the Dental Team
My Kid’s Dentist Poster Research Competition
Sedation for the Young Patient: Chris Quinn
Behavior Guidance: Greg Psaltis
New Dentist Program
Sedation for the Young Patient: Bobby Thikkurissy
Volunteerism: Greg Psaltis
Career Fair
International Reception
Alumni Receptions
HSHC Donor Appreciation Gala: USS Missouri

Sunday, May 27
Breakfast Rounds
Oral Diagnosis: Juan Yepes
String of Pearls
General Assembly
President’s Farewell Dinner: Waialae Country Club

Career Fair
Saturday May 26, 2018
1:30 – 3 pm

The Annual Career Fair is a great opportunity for new pediatric dentists seeking their first practice position or more experienced pediatric dentists who are looking for a change to network with hiring organizations. The Career Fair is a personal and dynamic way of connecting with members of the Academy.

Space is limited! For more information contact Meeting and Exhibits Coordinator Colleen Bingle at (312) 337-2169 or cbingle@aapd. org. The cost to participate for AAPD Members is $150; for recruiting companies the price is $500.

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