May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


AAPD Fellow Program

September 2017 Volume LII Number 5

The focus of the AAPD Fellow Program is to reward and encourage participation in organized dentistry, scholarly activity and community involvement. It is completely voluntary.

Previously, the fellow status was auto- matically granted when you became board certified as a pediatric dentist and nothing additional was required. The term Fellow in a professional association often refers to a per- son who has distinguished themselves about the standard, either by publications or con- tributions to the profession. AAPD wanted to create that opportunity, so in 2012, we revised and reenergized the program to bring fresh meaning and value to the designation.

Starting in 2013, Fellow Status was no longer automatically granted to board certi- fied pediatric dentists. We introduced the new fellow program that will offer our members an opportunity to be rewarded for continuing involvement in organized dentistry, scholarly activity and community involvement.

Members who were board certified 2012 or before were grandfathered into the Fellow status until June 2017. All activities in the last five years will count to renewing your fellowship status for the next five years. Members have until Oct. 1, 2017, to renew.


Fellows must renew every five years and must attain 15 points to maintain fellow status. Fellow must attain points from 2 dif- ferent areas with a max of 12 points in each category. Letters of recommendation are not needed for renewing fellow.

If a Fellow allows their Fellowship status to laps they must apply as a new Fellow and attain 20 points to be considered.

Life and Retired Members that have Fellow Status do not need to renew or pay fees and they are permanently a Fellow.


Below is an outline of requirements, point system, fees and renewal for the FAAPD program membership. Each FAAPD activity is assessed its own maximum point score to help determine candidates’ acceptance into the program.


1. Recommendation letters from two cur- rent Fellows.
2. Board certification by ABPD.
3. At least five consecutive years of AAPD Active Member Membership.

All Fellows must score 20 points or higher for consideration.


A new candidate must earn points in at least three out of four categories with a maxi- mum of 12 points per category. Points are assigned to the different accomplishments in these categories so that it is fair and equal for all members. Only activities going back five years from the date of the application will be considered with the exception of published research articles that can go back up to 10 years. If a candidate serves on more than one council for the same organization or has at- tended multiple annual meetings, points can be awarded for each activity.

1. Active Membership in AAPD, State or District Unit
• One AAPD State Unit meeting within the last five years (1 points)
• One AAPD District Unit meeting within the last five years (2 points)
• One annual AAPD meeting within the last five years (3 points)
• Serving on a council or committee in a state or district unit (2 points)
• Serving on a council or committee in AAPD (4 points)
• Chair of a council or committee in a state or district unit (4 points) Chair of a council or committee in AAPD (6 points)
• State or District Board of Trustees or Executive Committee (6 points)
• AAPD Board of Trustees or Execu- tive Committee (8 points)
• AAPD Editorial Board (4 points)

2. Organized Dentistry
• Leadership in ABPD, COD (4 points officer, 2 points other)
• Leadership Roles in ADA, AGD, HDA, AAO, AAE , AAP, etc (4 points officer, 2 points committee/ other)
• Board Examiner (NERB) (3 points)
• ABPD Examiner (3 points)
• State Dental Association involve- ment (1 – 3 points; committee member – Leadership roll)
• Local Dental Society involvement
(1 – 3 points; committee member – Leadership roll)

3. Scholarly Activity
• Publishing of articles as the first author (6 points) or co-author (3 points)
• Service as an attending in a hospi- tal (3 points)
• Service as a full-time faculty (4 points) or part-time faculty (2 points)
• Participate in AAPD Journal CE Program (1point)

4. Community involvement

• Volunteering at Head-Start Pro- gram (2 points)
• Volunteering at Health fairs, Give Kids a Smile (2 points)
• Volunteering at a Community Health Center (2 points)
• Serving on a School Board (1 point)
• Dental-related mission trip (5 points)


First-Time Fellows
One-time membership fee $200

Renewing Fellows
Every five-year membership fee $100

Please contact Membership and Marketing Director Suzanne Wester for more details regarding this program at

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