January 2020 Volume LV Number 1


A Message From Your CEO

July 2018 Volume LIII Number 4

Governance Actions at the Annual Session


•    To add the name of Dr. Suzi Seale Coll to the list of Editors Emeritus in the journal masthead.
•    To rename the Evidence Based Dentistry Service Award in honor of  Dr. Suzi Seale Coll for her many contributions to
the science of pediatric dentistry.
•    To approve the recommendations of the Policy and Procedure committee to amend the AAPD Administration Policy and Procedure Manual in Section 8.P.20 to change the name of the New Pediatric Dentist Committee to The Commit- tee on Early Career Pediatric Dentists.
•    To direct the Safety Committee to move forward with development of  a Safety Symposium for Fall 2019.
•    To submit a letter in support of the National Council on Disabilities recommendation to the Commission on Dental Accreditation to revise standards to include competency in treating persons with special health care needs.
•    To submit a letter in support of the National Council on Disabilities recommendation to the ADA to revise Principles of Ethics & Code of Professional Responsibility ("the ADA Code") to better promote treatment of persons with disabilities.
•    To submit a letter to CODA asking to address the issue of removing the term "Specialty" from training standards docu- ments.
•    To approve convening a joint symposium in 2020 with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
•    To approve Martha Wells and Kurt Swauger as co-chairs for the 2020 Local Arrangements Committee. (Annual Session location is Nashville, Tenn.)
•    To charge the Council on Clinical Affairs to examine the literature on the safety and effects of sedation in children
under 3 years of age, and those with autism spectrum disorder.
•    To charge the Council on Clinical Affairs to develop a policy or best practice on frenectomies.
•    To charge the Sedation Committee to review CODA general anesthesia and sedation standards and make recommen- dations to the Board of Trustees as to any updates needed.
•    To approve the 2018-2019 council charges as revised.
•    To approve the 2018-2019 council and committee appointments.
•    To approve the 2018-2019 budget with overall revenues and expenses as shown below.


Expenses,  Original    $ 11,320,362.00
Adjustments (see detail)    $    14,000.00
Total expenses    $ 11,334,362.00
Total revenue    $ 10,388,217.00
Balance    $    -946,145.00
Capital  Improvements    $    350,000.00   Website redesign (2018-2019)

$7,000    Safety Committee meeting (5/22/18, Motion 8)
$5,000    Addition to stipend of Associate Editor (5/22/18, Motion 21)
$2,000    Sedation Committee travel (Motion 14)

Please note that although the proposed budget reflects a negative balance, historically, at the end of the fiscal year the AAPD has consistently shown a balanced budget or a new profit. This is because in the budgeting process we estimate expenses aggressively and income conservatively, and do not include unearned income (investments) in budget projections.

Complete action minutes are available on the Members-Only section of the AAPD website at: http://aapd-oldsite.ae-admin.com/ members/resources/.


New Officers Elected

President-Elect:  Kevin J. Donly Vice President:  Jessica Y. Lee
Secretary-Treasurer:  Jeannie Beauchamp At-Large Trustee:  Homa Amini
American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Director: Gregory M. Olson

The following existing Definitions, Oral Health Policies and Clinical Guidelines were approved/reaffirmed:
a)    Definition of Dental Home
b)    Policy on Minimizing Occupational Health Hazards As- sociated with Nitrous Oxide
c)    Policy on Patient Safety
d)    Policy on the Role of Pediatric Dentists as Both Primary and Specialty Care Providers
e)    Policy on the Use of Fluoride
f)    Policy on Prevention of Sports-related Orofacial Injuries
g)    Policy on the Dental Home
h)    Best Practices on Periodicity of Examination, Preventive Dental Services, Anticipatory Guidance/Counseling, and Oral Treatment for Infants, Children, and Adoles- cents
i)    Best Practices on Dental Management of  Pediatric Patients Receiving Immunosuppressive Therapy and/or Radiation   Therapy
j)    Best Practices on Fluoride Therapy
k)    Best Practice on Use of Nitrous Oxide for Pediatric Dental Patients
l)    Best Practices on Use of Anesthesia Providers in the Administration of Office-based Deep sedation/general Anesthesia to the Pediatric Dental Patient (revision lim- ited to Personnel section)

Updates to the Policy on the Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride for Pediatric Dental Patients were approved, after being accepted for consideration as New Business.
The document Best Practices on Dental Management of Heritable Dental Developmental Anomalies was deleted.

The following new Oral Health Policies were approved:
•    Policy for Selecting Anesthesia Providers for the Deliv- ery of  Office-Based General Anesthesia
The following new Best Practices were approved:
•    Best Practices for Pain Management in Infants, Chil- dren, Adolescents and Individuals with Special Health Care Needs

The following amendments to the Bylaws were approved:
1.    Clarification of  recognized chapters to include pediat- ric dental organizations based in other countries.
2.    Clarification of Credentials and Ethics proceedings.
3.    Technical correction concerning Trustee membership requirements.

The complete 2018 General Assembly minutes are avail- able on the Members-Only section of the AAPD website at: http://aapd-oldsite.ae-admin.com/members/resources/. Updated versions of the policies and guidelines listed above will be posted on the AAPD website in July and published in the Reference Manual this fall.

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