May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


A Message from Your President

July 2018 Volume LIII Number 4

Dr. Joe Castellano
AAPD President

Greetings AAPD Ohana (Family)
 I am honored to serve as your President for 2018-2019. Each year provides great opportunities for our organization, and I’m sure this year will be no different. The American Academy of  Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) has been blessed with such a supportive and engaged membership – or family, as Dr. Nickman called it so many times last year. I would like to thank Dr. Jim Nickman for his leadership and support over the last year. He has done a fantastic job and has left the wood pile higher.
 AAPD is a strong organization with over 10,600 dedicated mem- bers who exist to help us all work toward our vision of, "Optimum oral health for all children." It is YOUR AAPD, and it exists to assist you in accomplishing that mission. It is here for you.
 Your AAPD has a created many membership benefits to serve and support you in your practices, clinics and institutions, as well as with your advocacy efforts. Academy headquarters has a staff that is second to none. These talented and selfless individuals are avail- able to assist you with anything you might need including help with membership issues, insurance coding and billing issues, advocacy efforts, and information on student loan refinancing to name a few.
 Your award winning Annual Session was named one of  Trade Show Executive’s 50 Fastest-Growing Shows of 2017!  It’s always an exciting event and is a great way to get amazing CE while network- ing with friends at one-of-a-kind venues.
 Your Continuing Education Department continues to provide top notch, relevant continuing education courses designed to meet your needs. Last year, AAPD launched Podcasts, which proved to be very popular!
 Your Pediatric Oral Health Research Policy Center periodically releases technical briefs and other publications on topics important to pediatric dentistry. Two technical briefs that have been recently released are Are Your Kids Covered? Medicaid Coverage for Essential Oral Health Benefits, and Pediatric Dentist Toolkit for Seeing Patients with Medic- aid: Changing Children’s Lives One Smile at a Time. They are available for your reference and use.
 Your journals, Pediatric Dentistry and the Journal of Dentistry for Children, are esteemed peer reviewed publications that are available to you in print or online.
 Your Reference Manual is updated annually and contains the Definitions, Oral Health Policies, Best Practices, and Clinical Practice Guidelines that define our specialty and guide us in every- day practice. Recently, the AAPD has undertaken the creation of evidence-based dentistry (EBD) Clinical Practice Guidelines. These guidelines are produced in accordance with the standards created by The National Academy of Medicine. The most recent releases include Clinical Practice Guideline for Use of Vital Pulp Therapies in Pri- mary Teeth with Deep Caries and Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride for Dental Caries Management in Children and Adolescents, Including Those with Special Health Care Needs.
 The new and completely revised AAPD Handbook of  Pediatric Dentistry is available! The handbook is the premier reference for pediatric dentists and other health professionals. Designed to serve as a quick reference guide, the handbook is a must-have addition to every practice. This 5th edition of the handbook is available as a mobile application too (compatible with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch or Android mobile devices). Visit to order yours today!
 Your Speakers Bureau, which you can access on the AAPD website, can provide you with a list of world class speakers and their area of expertise. Each individual has been vetted by AAPD’s Speakers Bureau Committee.
 Your AAPD website is undergoing a complete overhaul to better serve your needs and will be the best we have ever had. It will be completely interactive with mobile devices, user-friendly, and fun to use. is a website that the Academy maintains as a place for you to direct your parents for information related to oral health. It is also the place to find our Mouth Monsters. The Mouth
 Monsters campaign goals are to distinguish the AAPD and pediatric dentists as the experts in children’s oral health, and to get more children to a pediatric dentist by age one.
 These are just some of the many benefits that are part of your membership in this great organization. I encourage you to explore and to utilize them. Get assistance, get involved, network with col- leagues, participate in events, and/or just share your ideas. Make use of all YOUR AAPD has to offer!
 AAPD leadership takes to heart their commitment to this orga- nization. We will work diligently to make sure that our specialty, our AAPD family, and the children we deeply care for, are well taken care of.
 Your AAPD is here to help you in your practices, clinics, and institutions. Your AAPD leadership will continue to be diligent in its work to serve the organization.
 I look forward to a great year representing the Academy and the AAPD family.
 I hope to meet as many of you that I can over the next the year.

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