May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Request for BOT Nominations and 2018-2019 BOT

July 2018 Volume LIII Number 4

Request for Board of Trustees Nominations
Northeastern and NorthCentral Districts
 The AAPD is accepting nominations for the trustee positions in two districts. Cur- rent Trustees Deven V. Shroff (Northeastern District) and Jessica A. Meeske (North- Central District) will rotate off the Academy’s board of trustees at the conclusion of the 2019 annual session. Nominations for new trustees from the Northeastern and North-
Central Districts, for a three year term of service beginning in 2019 and concluding in 2022, are now being accepted. Nominations must be transmitted to AAPD head- quarters from the Northeaster and NorthCentral District for their respective positions. The nominations packet must be postmarked no later than Sept. 1, 2018, and returned to the AAPD headquarters office to the attention of  Margaret Bjerklie.
Nominations can be transmitted in one of two manners:
1.Individuals from the Northeastern and NorthCentral districts can submit a nomi- nation by including:
•A letter signed by ten AAPD voting (Active or Life) members from the district
signifying support of the nomination.
•An AAPD nomination form* signed and dated by the Nominee
2.An AAPD state chapter in the Northeastern or NorthCentral district can submit a nomination by including:
•A letter, signed and dated, from the president of the recognized state chapter certifying that the nomination is an official action of the state chapter.
•The AAPD nomination form*, signed and dated by the Nominee.
Under either scenario, all materials must be forwarded to the respective district organization (Northeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry or NorthCentral Society of Pediatric Dentistry) which will in turn forward these materials to the AAPD headquar- ters.
 If two or more candidates are nominated, the AAPD will conduct an electronic bal- lot of each AAPD voting member in the respective district in order to select the trustee.
*The AAPD Nominations Form may be downloaded from the AAPD website ( members-
only area under Member Resources.
AAPD 2018 – 19
Board of Trustees
Dr. Joseph B. Castellano
Dr. Kevin J. Donly
Vice President
Dr. Jessica Y. Lee
Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp
Immediate Past President
Dr. James D. Nickman
Northeastern District Trustee
Dr. Deven V. Shroff
Southeastern District Trustee
Dr. J.C. Shirley
NorthCentral District Trustee
Dr. Jessica A. Meeske
Southwestern District Trustee
Dr. John T. Fales Sr.
Western District Trustee
Dr. Jacob K. Lee
At Large Trustee
Dr. Paula L. Coates
At Large Trustee
Dr. Tegwyn H. Brickhouse
Academic At Large Trustee
Dr. Homa Amini
Affiliate Trustee
Dr. Kerry Maguire
Editor in Chief
Dr. Noel Childers
Congressional Liaison
Dr. Heber Simmons Jr.
Dr. Anupama Rao Tate
Chief Executive Officer Dr. John S. Rutkauskas

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