May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Resident's Corner

July 2018 Volume LIII Number 4

Resident’s Corner
Celebrating Dr. Seale
  A truly remarkable mentor is hard to find and someone you never forget. In residency especially, mentors are fundamental in shaping what type of practitioners we will become. They encourage, support and challenge us.
  With her recent passing, we want to acknowledge and celebrate one of the greatest influences of our profession, Dr. Suzi Seale. Seale was committed to teaching and mentoring since her graduation from Baylor’s Pediatric Dental Residency in 1972 up until her retirement in 2017. She was appointed as the Chair of the Department of Pediat- ric Dentistry at Baylor, becoming the first woman to head a major dental school department in the country.  Her leadership extended into organized dentistry on a local and national level, in addition to her research and passion  for pulp therapy. With the intent to celebrate Seale’s career, we sent out a questionnaire to many of her former residents to see what they had to say about her impact and the legacy she is leaving behind. We selected a few of the responses to share with the pediatric dental community.

Samantha Mize, D.D.S., and Sofia Kennel, D.D.S., Resident Committee members, Editors of the Resident’s Corner
     What is one "pearl of wisdom" you have adopted from Dr. Seale and have implemented or plan to carry on into your future practice?
 "Suzi has taught me to always be true to myself, to make sure every single word spoken and written is done with intention, and to live a life whereby each personal and professional relationship I develop is done so with sincere love." – anonymous response from former resident
  "Dr. Seale was a huge advocate for prac- ticing from an evidence based approach and helped residents develop a discerning eye for the way we practice and the care we provide for our patients. I think about her often as I read through new literature and look at new products and procedures for my practice. Her words of wisdom are a guiding light." – Ben Curtis, D.D.S.
Is there a story that stands out to you about Dr. Seale’s leadership, teaching, or mentoring?
 "I will always cherish Dr. Seale and her passion, love, and support. She threw all of her support behind me for my Harris Fellowship project and taught me so many things. When Dr. Seale was for you, it was as if no one could be against you...she had a way of opening doors that seemed so out of reach and achieving things that seemed impossible. I will be forever grateful to her and am so very proud to have been one of her students." – Ben Curtis, D.D.S.
  "Suzi invested in me more than any other teacher I’ve ever had. She tirelessly and patiently fought to pass along to me what she had learned in the areas of editing research, public speaking, and advocacy. Through Suzi’s love for her husband, Jim, and their deeply meaningful lives together, I am a stronger person for witnessing the magnifi- cent power of falling in love." – anonymous response from former resident
How would you describe her approach to pediatric dentistry and treating child patients?
 "Suzi demonstrated a relentless pursuit to achieve the highest possible good. Although she is not here with us physically, the Spirit of her love shines bright and continues to im- pact and guide each one of us." – anonymous response from former resident
  "One word: Passionate. It didn’t matter if she was teaching you about the pulp, helping you with your research project, defending her stance on a topic, or talking about her love, Dr. Coll…she did it with great passion." – Ben Curtis, D.D.S.

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