May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Policy Center Updates

July 2018 Volume LIII Number 4

Pediatric Oral Health
Research & Policy Center
2018 – 2019 Samuel D.
Harris Fellowship Recipient
     Brianna Muñoz, D.M.D., was awarded the 2018-2019 Samuel D. Harris Research and Policy Fellowship sponsored by Preventech at the AAPD General Assembly on May 27, 2018. As this year’s Harris Fellow, Muñoz will work with the Pediatric Oral Health Research and Policy Center on a research project focusing on the prevalence of dental sedation among pediatric patients aged 0-3 in a university setting with the objective of shedding light upon the decision making process and expounding upon risk factors.
     Muñoz is currently a fellow at the University of Connecticut, where she completed dental school and a residency in pediatric dentistry. As the first postgraduate student accepted into the UConn-HRSA Dual Degree Training Program with Advanced Standing, she will be graduating this upcoming May with her M.P.H. degree as well as a Certificate of Interdisciplin- ary Disability Studies.
     Her interest in public health was first incited while volunteering on a service trip to Nel- tume, Chile, where she was exposed to the plight of oral health care disparities. Since then, it has become her personal and professional goal to impact policy in promoting oral health and preventing disease for all children irrespective of race, ethnicity, or income level. In advancing this aim, Muñoz has participated in the AAPD Public Policy Advocacy Conference on Capitol Hill and served as a Connecticut Society of Pediatric Dentistry Board Member and Represen- tative at the Connecticut State Dental Association Council on Legislation.

Check Your Vital Signs

New AAPD Survey Tells How Pediatric Dental Practices Are Doing
     The 2016 AAPD Survey of Dental Practice is now available online for AAPD members. It offers the latest information on central aspects of pediatric dental practices, as well as an inside look at such topics as perceptions of busyness, geographic variations in the pediatric dental workforce, Medicaid participation, and charitable care.
     For example, did you know that 8 minutes is the national average for patient wait times to see the pediatric dentist upon arrival to the office? Or that the percentage of publically insured patients in a typical practice has increased from one-quarter to one-third in the last five years? Once you are logged in to the AAPD website, you can view the full survey in the Resource Center under Member Resources at atric_Dentistry_final.pdf.
New Research Available
Caries Predictive Model for Primary Care Providers Targets Children at Greatest Risk
     A full report of the third year of research exploring oral health promotion in primary care is available on the AAPD website in the Policy Center. The model characterizes the likelihood a child would have oral disease or risks of future disease at the time of their first dental visit and is based upon information noted in the early well-child visits.
     With such a predictive tool, health care providers could easily ad- minister caries-risk assessment as a part of the well-child visit without taking time from other equally important health concerns. Access the full report at
Safety Committee Update
     The Safety Committee met during AAPD 2018 and moves forward with development, planning and coordination of their current main projects, sedation accreditation model for pediatric dental practices, safety resource manual/online toolkit, and a safety symposium in

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