March 2019 Volume LIV Number 2


PAC Corner

March 2018 Volume LIII Number 2

Kudos to the Northeastern and Southeastern Districts

As part of our current fund-raising initiative, the AAPD PAC Steering Committee held a competition in 2017 among the five AAPD districts to determine which district is the top AAPD PAC supporter in terms of number of contributors and total hard dollars raised.* The final numbers are below:

 District  Hard Dollars Soft Dollars  #contributors  $/contributor
Northeastern (incl. Federal Services) $25,960 $21,375; 229; 206.70;
Southeastern $25,045 $28,265 248 214.96
NorthCentral $21,925 $28,265 203 202.83
Southwestern $23,011 $23,350 217 213.65
Western $22,411 $19,200 208 200.05
  $118,352 $111,440 1,105 207.96


As you can see, the Southeastern District had the largest number of contributors (248). The Northeastern District provided the largest amount of hard dollars ($25,960), narrowly edging out the Southeastern District. The Northeastern and Southeastern Districts will be recognized at the AAPD PAC Reception during AAPD 18 in Honolulu. This will take place from 4 – 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

We thank all 1,105 AAPD PAC contributors in 2017, which represents an 18 percent increase over the prior year. With a new year (2018) you should consider either becoming a PAC contributor for the first time (the voluntary recommended support level for new dentists is only $100) or for previous contributors increasing your support to the next level such as Cabinet ($500-999) or Patriot ($1,000 and above). You can contribute online at

*Remember that if you want your dollars applied directly to candidate support, please make your PAC contribution via a personal credit card or check. Such support counts as "hard dollars" for a PAC. Contributions from a corporate account must be applied to "soft dollars", which can be used for PAC administrative and related advocacy expenses but not direct candidate support.

For further information about the AAPD PAC, please contact PAC Secretary C. Scott Litch at (312) 337-2169 ext. 29 or

Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp
PAC Steering Committee Chair

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