March 2019 Volume LIV Number 2


Media Mix

March 2018 Volume LIII Number 2

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HowStuffWorks Features AAPD

AAPD President Dr. James Nickman spoke with science writer, Jesslyn Shields, regarding when a child’s permanent teeth don’t come in. According to the piece:

"Congenitally missing teeth are relatively uncommon," writes Jim Nickman, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, in an email. "In the primary dentition, up to two percent of children will experience missing teeth, but in the permanent dentition, the range in various studies is from 0.15 percent to 16 percent. The most common missing permanent teeth are lateral incisors and premolars, and it’s very common that a missing baby tooth also will not have a permanent successor."

To view the complete story, visit medicine/surgeries-procedures/what-happens-if-adult-teeth-just-dont-come-in.htm.

AAPD in Mentor Magazine

Rebecca Stone interviewed AAPD President Dr. James Nickman and AAPD President-Elect Dr. Joe Castellano for a December article on new products designed to lessen the fears in children of going to the dentist, as well as those that can encourage home care.

PBS NewsHour Covers Silver Diamine Fluoride

During the evening PBS NewsHour on Wednesday, Jan. 3, special correspondent Cat Wise reported on a new method of treating tooth decay using silver nitrate and how it may make the pain and expense of traditional treatments obsolete. Within the story, she interviewed AAPD member Dr. Frank Mendoza, as well as cited and referenced AAPD’s new EBD Guideline on Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Mouth Monsters is a consumer-focused media campaign initiated by the AAPD in 2014 via partnership with the leading public relations firm Weber Shandwick. The campaign goal is to distinguish the AAPD and pediatric dentists as the go-to experts on children’s oral health and get more children to see a pediatric dentist by age 1. AAPD has invested over $1 million in this campaign since its inception. Visit the Mouth Monster Hub at

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