May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Media Mix

May 2018 Volume LIII Number 3

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AAPD President Participates in National Children’s Dental Health Month Satellite Media Tour

On Jan. 31, 2018, AAPD Presi- dent Dr. James Nickman com- pleted 28 broadcast media interviews with TV and radio stations coast to coast. He addressed why little teeth are such a big deal and shared simple tips and tricks for keeping children’s teeth healthy, including the importance of an Age One dental visit, what to do when a baby tooth gets knocked out, as well as helpful tips on teething. Dr. Nickman also debunked some widespread misconceptions on oral health such as if tooth decay is genetic, the importance of brushing your tongue and timing on the cessation of thumb sucking and pacifier use. In addition, he discussed new treatment options for cavities such as silver diamine fluoride. From Portland’s KOIN-CBS TV’s KOIN News, This Morn- ing to Chicago and WSRB-FM Radio Real Talk, over to Rhode Island’s WTKR-CBS TV Coast Live and down to West Palm Beach’s WPBF-ABC TV WPBF 9 AM News, broadcast and radio outlets were eager to hear his expert advice to help set their viewers (and kids) up with a lifetime of healthy oral habits!

NCDHM Media Coverage

As part of National Children’s Dental Health Month, AAPD was tapped to participate in many editorial opportu- nities. AAPD President Dr. James Nickman contributed articles to several publications on silver diamine fluoride, including Dental Economics, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, as well as Decisions in Dentistry, all for their respective February issues. In Chicago, AAPD spokesperson Dr. Mira Albert fielded a four and a half minute segment on Feb. 14, for Chicago’s The Jam/WCIU focusing on topics such as fluoride, Age One dental visit, flossing, sugary snacks/beverages and the importance of keeping little teeth healthy.

AAPD Chief Policy Officer Contributes to Dentistry Today

For the second year in a row, AAPD was invited to share com- mentary with Dentistry Today on our policy and research initiatives as part of NCDHM and their February issue. Dr. Paul Casamassimo referenced how the AAPD is a strong supporter of NCDHM for the care it delivers, but also because it contributes important metrics indicative of oral health, fosters access to care in novel ways, and engages communities outside of dentistry to create awareness and facilitate care.

Mouth Monsters is a consumer-focused media campaign initiated by the AAPD in 2014 via partnership with the leading public relations firm Weber Shandwick. The campaign goal is to distinguish the AAPD and pediatric dentists as the go-to experts on children’s oral health and get more children to see a pediatric dentist by age 1. AAPD has invested over $1 million in this campaign since its inception. Visit the Mouth Monster Hub at

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