May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


AAPD 2019 Program-at-a-Glance

November 2018 Volume LIII Number 6

Chicago, Ill. May 23-26, 2019
The AAPD invites you to join us in Chicago for a weekend of remarkable education and fun in the windy city!

Joint Academic Day

Preconference Course

Keynote Address PALS/BLS
Personalized Medicine: Peter Polverini
New Parents and Toothy Toddlers: Francisco Ramos Gomez & Man Wai Ng
What’s New and Trending in Orthodontics: Dan Bills
Your Practice Through the Patient’s Eyes: Laci Phillips
Advanced Building your Confidence for Challenging Cases: Martha Ann Keels & Philip Slonkoksy
Brain Development: Gerard Gioia Dental Benefits Symposium Exhibit Hall
My Kid’s Dentist Poster Competition Learning Labs
MiniClinics I
Early Career Dentist Happy Hour Leadership Institute Reception
Sunstar Welcome Reception: Sweet Home Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry
Coffee Clutch for Office Staff
MiniClinics II
GSRA Presentations Exhibit Hall
My Kid’s Dentist Poster Competition Learning Labs
Evidence Based Training Workshop
Successful Dental Team Culture: Lilly Cortes-Pona Early Career Dentist Course
Career Fair
Aesthetics–Bleaching and Acid Abrasion: Richard Chaet & Tim Wright
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children: Cristina Perez
PedoX Talk PAC Reception
International Reception
Affiliate/Alumni Receptions
HSHC Donor Appreciation Gala: Art Institute

Exhibit Hall String of Pearls
Sedation: Steven Ganzberg
General Assembly
How to Care for Your Instruments
President’s Farewell Dinner: Morgan Manufacturing

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