May 2019 Volume LIV Number 3


Media Mix

September 2018 Volume LIII Number 5

For more information on how to submit your media coverage, please contact Public Relations Director Erika Hoeft at
(312) 337-2169 or
AAPD Immediate Past President in Family Circle Magazine

Dr. Jim Nickman was interviewed by Arricca SanSone for a June article titled, "First Aid Advice for Nurse Mom." He was asked to respond to the question, "Your son just knocked out a permanent tooth while horsing around with friends. What do you do first?" To read his response, please click this link: health/first-aid-advice-nurse-mom/.

Social Media Toolkit for Members

There is no question that social media is a powerful business tool. For pediatric dentists it can help you increase awareness of your practice, provide opportunities to engage with your patients’ families outside of in-office visits and help position you as a resource to those in your community.

And while many of us use social media for personal connections, navigating it as a profes- sional or business tool requires different considerations – which are not necessarily second nature to most of us.

For these reasons, we hope you’re all taking advantage of our first-ever online Social Media Toolkit, developed specifically with the business needs of AAPD members in mind.

In addition to providing basic information about the most impor- tant social media channels for your practice and how to manage your social media communities, the toolkit also addresses some more advanced topics such as:

  • Best-practices to navigate issues that commonly arise on any practices’ social media channels

  • Advantages of using paid advertising on social media – which can be much more effective in reaching new patients than traditional advertising.

  • The toolkit is housed in the members-only Resource Center of

  •, and you can access it by using your login.

  • We encourage you to download it, and to share it with any team members who may support or lead the marketing activities of your practice.

Media Training 2018

On June 22-23, 2018, 11 spokespeople were trained in Chicago to address a variety of topics within pediatric dentistry, ranging from sedation to behavior guidance to silver diamine fluoride. Trainees
included Drs. Kevin Donly, Jeannie Beauchamp, Anu Tate, Jacob Lee, John Fales, Noel Childers, Gregory Olson, Homa Amini, Laji James, David Avenetti and Brianna Munoz.

Presenters Dr. Robin Wright (AAPD) and Dick Helton, Morning Show Host and Senior Political Correspondent with KNX1070, CBS Newsradio, provided insights on how to best approach the media, especially when controversial issues arise.

New Mouth Monster Hub Content

AAPD member Dr. Kelly Gonzalez participated in a Little Teeth Truth, addressing the age-old question about why a child should have X-rays if they’ve never had a cavity. Reach the entire post at: http:// if-my-child-has-never-had-a-cavity/.

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