May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


A Message from Your CEO

July 2019 Volume LIV Number 4

  • To publish the AAPD Reference Manual independently from the journal Pediatric Dentistry. (This is necessary for the journal to regain its impact factor.)
  • To designate the immediate past president to represent the AAPD on the ABPD Nominations Committee.
  • To make adjustments in the Pediatric Oral Health Advocacy Conference (POHAC) budget for 2020 by:
    • State Public Policy Advocates (PPAs) lodging to be paid for by state chapter, with special scholarship consideration for financial hardship.
    • Tuesday night reception but no group dinner.
    • Seek corporate sponsor for Monday night welcome recep- tion. (Thanks to AAPD dues collection, most state chapters should have sufficient budgets for full support of state PPA attendance at POHAC; they are already supporting travel costs.)
  • To charge the Policy and Procedure Committee to provide clarification on the council and committee application and appointment process and report back to the Board by the Ad Interim meeting.
  • To endorse the consensus statement on nutrition. (This statement was developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Healthy Eating Research program via an expert panel of these organizations: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Heart Association. More details to follow in the September PDT.)
  • To make modifications to the Winter Planning Meeting 2020 schedule by moving Council Breakout sessions to Saturday. (This consolidated schedule will allow council chairs to arrive on Friday and depart Saturday evening if desired. The joint dinner with the AAPD and AAPD Founda- tion boards will take place on Friday evening rather than Saturday.)
  • To invite the president of the AAPD Foundation to attend all AAPD board meetings.
  • To endorse the resolution to the American Dental Associa- tion concerning including specialty delegates to the House of Delegates of the ADA. (More details to follow in the September PDT.)
  • To budget up to $4,000 for the International Symposium on Hypomineralisation and Chalky Teeth in Toronto in 2020, and to ask Dr. Tim Wright to be the representative of AAPD at this meeting.
  • To approve the 2019-20 council charges as revised.
  • To approve the 2019-20 council and committee appointments.
  • To approve the 2019-20 budget with overall revenues and expenses as shown in the PDF below.
New Officers Elected
President-Elect:  Jessica Y. Lee
Vice President:  K. Jean Beauchamp 
Secretary-Treasurer: Amr M. Moursi 
At-Large Trustee:  Anupama R. Tate
American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Director:  Marcio Guelmann
The following existing Definitions, Oral Health Policies,  and  Best  Practices  were  approved/ reaffirmed:
  • Definition of  Medically Necessary Care
  • Policy on Patient’s Bill of  Rights and Responsibilities
  • Policy on Infection Control
  • Policy on Use of Dental Bleaching for Child and Adolescent
  • Policy on Third-party Payer Audits, Abuse, and Fraud
  • Policy on Medically Necessary Care
  • Policy on Workforce Issues and Delivery of  Oral Health Care Services in a Dental Home
  • Policy on School Absences for Dental Appointments
  • Best Practices for Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Dental Patients at Risk for Infection
  • Best Practices for Caries-risk Assessment and Management for Infants, Children, and Adolescents
  • Best Practices for Management of the Developing Dentition and Occlusion in Pediatric Dentistry
  • Best Practices for Restorative Dentistry
  • Best Practices for Use of Antibiotic Therapy for Pediatric Dental Patients
  • Best Practices for Informed Consent
  • Best Practices for Acquired Temporomandibular Disorders in Infants, Children, and Adolescents
  • Monitoring and Management of Pediatric Patients Before, During, and After Sedation for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures: Update 2016 (Revision limited to Personnel sec- tion)
  • Best Practices for Use of Anesthesia Providers in the Admin- istration of Office-based Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia to the Pediatric Dental Patient (Revision limited to Personnel section)
The following new Oral Health Policy was approved:
  • Policy on Management of the Frenulum in Pediatric Dental Patients
The following new Best Practices was approved:
  • Best Practices for Classification of Periodontal Diseases in Infants, Children, Adolescents, and Individuals with Special Health Care Needs
The following amendments to the Bylaws were approved:
  • Clarification of U.S. Virgin Islands Location in District Organi- zation Structure
  • Technical Update of District Trustee Election Process to In- clude Electronic Ballots
The complete 2019 General Assembly minutes are available on the Members-Only section of the AAPD website at members/resources/. Updated versions of the policies and guidelines listed above will be posted on the AAPD website in July and published in the Reference Manual this fall.

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