May 2020 Volume LV Number 3


A Message from Your President

November 2019 Volume LIV Number 6

Reflections on Our Commitment to All Children
The horrific events in California, Texas and Ohio are sobering reminder that hate still plagues us as a country. I felt that I needed to comment for myself, our leadership, and for our entire Academy about our unwavering belief in the dignity of all children and their family, and our continued dedication to optimatl health and safety for all children, everywhere. 
I believe it is apparent to all of our members, that our Academy has been and will always remain color-blind. The best example is our long-standing dedication to the elimination of health disparaties. Minority and poor children suffer most from dental caries and we have steadfastly approached its elimination for decades with the dream of a caries-free generation across all the world's children. Our specialty's overwhelming commitment to care of Medicaid children among dental providers should be of no surprise. It is who we are.
Politically, our advocacy efforts have embraced all children supporting programs and laws that include everyone. A deeper look at our policies, continuing education, and advocacy show attention to cultural backgrounds and child-specific considerations, reinforcing the recognition and need to look at every child in our care as an individual, both with respect to their uniqueness and the world in which the child lives.
Just look during one of our annual sessions at the diversity of our colleagues. There should be no doubt that what drives us, across any set of differences, is the shared love and caring for children and that is why we look like we do and will continue to change well into the future. You may not have thought this way, but in our specialty, respect for one another stems from our shared purpose in caring for children and scientific integrity. The qualities come in all colors and can be seen in the interactions we have with one another. 
So, I encourage all of the AAPD membership to reflect on what we can do to help elimate hatred in its roots, in what we do and how we live. I know that I won't change my commitment to all children, but maybe now just pay a little more attention to the need to convey to all my little patients and their families that I care for them for who they are and that they are safe in my care. 

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